Waggin' Train Jerky Treats Killed my Dog

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  1. Many of you have heard the hype surrounding the Purina Waggin' Train Jerky Treats and how they have caused illness in death in numerous amounts of dogs.

    We fed our 8 year old Jack Russel a few of these treats last Easter Sunday. Almost immediately, she fell ill....not eating, vomiting, lethargic....Brought her to the vet and he found abnormally high BUN and creatine levels in her kidney indicating kidney failure. She was completely healthy prior to this, mind you. After 2 weeks of IVs and antibiotics, she bounced back somewhat enjoying the summer with an occasional vomiting session and at a bit of a slower pace. 2 weeks ago, she started getting sick again, unable to hold her urine and couldn't even keep any fluids down. We rechecked her blood and her levels were dangerously high again. Apparently, these "treats" just about destroyed her kidneys. With little options, we put her down today as it was painful to see her suffer.

    These "treats" are poison to some breeds of dogs. Evidently, they have been investigating the plants in China for some time but can't pinpoint the problem. Don't know how many more pets need to die before they do something about it:cry:
  2. OMG what a tragedy! I am so sorry! I try to find treats made in USA but it is somewhat difficult.

    I am so sorry for your loss that should never have happened
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    Very sorry to hear about your pet. A year or so ago, my dogs also became very ill after they ate about 3 of these jerky strips each. I began researching these "treats" online and saw many stories like yours. I was upset that these treats were still being sold. My dogs got better after a few days, but after that, I decided to only buy food and treats made in the USA/Canada. (I try to do this w/toys, too, but it's harder.) Thank you for sharing your story and informing pet owners about this product.
  4. I'm so sorry for your loss. I really don't understand how they can still sell this crap made in China that is killing our pets. About 2 years ago I stopped giving anything to my pets that is made in China and will only buy made in the US treats/food.
  5. Terrible story, OP, I am so sorry for your loss. It's infuriating that these killer treats continue to be sold. If they were causing human illness and death they'd be yanked off the market immediately, but the corporation Fat Cats don't seem to care about animals dying if they can make some money. It's not just Purina, either--numerous pet food companies have marketed products that turn out to be deadly to pets. Why is this allowed? SMH.

    I don't buy any treats at all for my dogs or my cats. Cat treats always seem to have a weird chemical smell and my cats don't even like them, anyway. I will buy an occasional cow leg bone for the dogs but that's it.
  6. Thanks for the comments. We always buy our treats from a local Pet Store that only sells American products. This was just a one time deal picking them up at CVS, but the most horrible lesson had to be learned. They are sold everywhere still. It is such a travesty.
  7. I am so sorry. Thanks for posting this as I was not aware of this issue. I will only buy USA dog products from now on.
  8. I have read bad things about flea collars as well. So apparently products applied topically can be as bad as those that are ingested.

    I am so sorry for your loss. So tragic :sad:
  9. I am so sorry for your loss.

    I can't believe that stores continue to sell these treats after all the reports! Disgusting. I have seen many reports of pet owners visiting the stores themselves and passing out flyers warning against the products. I really wish the stores would stop carrying these products!!!
  10. I can't believe they do either. They are EVERYWHERE....Costco, target, cvs, rite aid...you name it. After my dog somewhat recovered the first time, my husband was at Costco and commented to a man buying the treats for his dog telling him they almost killed his dog. The man said that he has been giving them to his dog for a while with no issue. Apparently, they affect smaller breeds. Nevertheless, I don't feel that ANYONE should be feeding their dogs these on principal alone.

    Filed a complaint several months ago and need to call back to update them that my dog did pass. They do have a team IN China investigating the facilities (or so they say). I called Purina and don't give a (you know what). Imagine that.

    I will pursue this when my sadness turns to anger. It needs to stop!
  11. The link I posted above talks about the investigators that went to China. Nothing happened.
  12. 140 Complaints were posted on Consumer Affairs site. I am shocked that these treats weren't recalled months ago.


    I'm sorry OP for your baby. I hope something is done to stop this. I'm not surprised it's made in China, everything they've made for USA were poisonous. From baby toys, and now dog treats. WTH?
  13. that's terrible
    so sorry for your loss!
  14. I am so sorry for your loss
    This is appaling to say the least
    Hugs to your family