Waffles or Crepes???


Crepes or Waffles???

  1. Crepes

  2. Waffles

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  1. Girls, I need help deciding which to have as a dessert station at my wedding reception - waffles or crepes! Both would come with the same mixed berries, whipped cream, and ice cream. Vote please!

    TIA!! :flowers:
  2. Depends on what kind of waffles!
  3. For me, it depends on what I feel like having at the time, but I think you should go with the crepes. Congrats btw!!
  4. Oh, I voted generally. For a wedding reception, I would go with crepes.
  5. Thanks for the advice girls! I guess crepes are a bit fancier than waffles...looks like crepes it is then!!!
  6. Definately crepes!
  7. Good choice!
  8. CrepesCrepesCrepesCrepesCrepesCrepes
    what about Crepes?:love: