Wadrobe of clothes but nothing to wear?

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  1. I have a wadrobe of clothes but never feel I have anything to wear. Do you guys have the same thing and what items best pull a look/items together in your opinion?
  2. I have this problem at times. Sometimes its just a phase that I'm going thru where I hate everything in my closet. I find(and im sure a lot of guys and gals on this forum will agree) that accessories make an outfit- whether it be jewelery (real or costume), scarves, bag etc.

    I also find that when I pick out my outfits ahead of time, my "closet full of nothing to wear" turns into the best closet ever. Whenever I pick out my outfit in the morning and I'm rushed, I look a hot mess. lol.
  3. The problem for me is that I only buy "pieces" never a whole outfit. It really helped to get together some groups of accessories in colours that work with my wardrobe, e.g., shoes, bag, scarf, statement necklace, ring, bracelet, belt, earrings, etc. all in black. I also have groups in chocolate brown and bronze. Wearing 3 or 4 accessories in the same colour really seems to help pull an outfit together.
  4. Story of my life LOL!

    But I sucked at shopping in the past (like Susan, I bought pieces and didn't think of what I already had) and am now in the process of revamping my entire wardrobe so hopefully my tune will change over time.
  5. Yes, I also buy pieces and not outfits so it can be difficult to put things together. Also, I don't like repeating outfits so that adds to the problem.
  6. Ugh, I am the same way. But in all honesty I just turned 25 and the clothing in my closet is almost older teen/very young adult. So I may just really not have anything to wear. (Wearing smocks everyday for work doesn't help get me in the shopping mood!)
  7. i feel this exact way. as of right now. must.....replace.....wardrobe.....lol!
  8. I used to have this problem, but then I read some books on wardrobe planning, and started planning my own more. This really helped me, so I can highly recommend it!
  9. I feel this way quite frequently. Many of my clothes are similar looking, or the same thing just in different colors, so my wardrobe just seems kind of bland sometimes. For special occasions I'll wear more accessories to spice up my outfit, but for school I'm quite minimal on the accessories and I think that adds to the boring feeling..
  10. I used to have this problem a lot!! When I was in high school, I'd just buy whatever cute tops or pants caught my eye but then I didn't have a lot of things that really worked together.

    Now, when I go shopping, I try to plan out how the item I'm considering buying will work with my wardrobe, like what clothes I could pair it with.

    It also helps if you have lots of basics in neutral colours to tie everything together. Coats are great for this too, if you live somewhere where you can wear lots of pretty coats. :smile:
  11. This happens to me all the time...I've found that it helps to poke around online clothing websites and really pay attention to the styling as opposed to focusing on a particular item. My favorite place to look is J.Crew's website because they usually have interesting styling schemes consisting of relatively basic pieces paired with some ruffle-y tops. I'll try to see how pieces I already own are styled...a fresh perspective will eventually come!

    And never underestimate the power of a new accessory.
  12. I used to when I didn't know how to shop (not that learned anyhow lol). Now I buy separates (slacks, shirts, skirts) in neutral colors black/white/gray so any combination works. I add a scarf, an interesting bag, pair of shoes and jewelry to spice things up and there you go. If you still have trouble with outfits start buying more dresses... I love them as they are complete outfits and they take the space of a shirt.
  13. I used to have this issue - then I put together a wardrobe catalog with pics, which is immensely helpful. It's a big binder with sections for dresses, tops, skirts, outerwear, shoes, handbags, jewelry, etc. It has really helped me to get all of my items into rotation, and it also allows me to see everything without making a giant mess of the closet

    I also keep all of my SA's business cards in there, as well as all those random spare buttons & threads that come with my clothes, and receipts for the bigger-ticket items

  14. I think this is a great idea. I used to think I had nothing to wear, even though I had way too many clothes, until I one day just removed every single item I had from my wardrobe/closet, laid it out in the bedroom and realized I had so many great pieces I hadn't worn in ages. A lot of times, not knowing what to wear stems from forgetting or not seeing what you actually do have.

    I also think checking out personal style blogs can help a lot. A lot of the girls out there are very creative, i.e. wearing a skirt as a top or cinching a long vest with a belt to make it a dress etc., so you could end up creating a new piece of clothing with someone you already have. I ended up wearing a dress three different ways thanks to a belt and some safety pins.
  15. I would find pictures of clothes or outfits you like and make a look book. Look in your closet and purge what you can't do anything with clothes and start putting outfits together. Nowdays, before I purchase I think will this go with anything or will it sit in my closet...