wadrobe cleaning

  1. when is it time to start cleaning closet and what items should be thrown away or donated or i can be a little pack rat need help on this one
  2. Beginning of the season is a good time.

    I kind of did this today, but I didn't really get rid of anything. I just moved what I didn't want to another closet. :biggrin: I definitely brought over much more (but surprisingly not that much stuff) over than I got "rid" of. (My other closet is in a different city, fyi.)
  3. I suggest you get three boxes...one for items to donate (trendy inexpensive items...you don't care if you ever see again), one box for items that need alterations or that you like, but need something to go with, and one box for good-quality items that you can see bringing out of the closet again later. Store the last box, donate the first one, and work out of the second one(take to the tailors, or find pieces that match those items).
    I would separate the clothes by type first...pants, tops, dresses, etc...and then by color.

    And that, my friend, is my two-cents worth!!! Hope it helps!!!
  4. ty thats a great idea
  5. My philosophy is to toss anything I've not worn in the past year into my "Goodwill Bag." Sometimes I'll go two years on an item if it's something I like but I've gained/lost weight and it doesn't quite fit. After two years though, it's toast!

    I always go through my entire wardrobe in the Spring and Fall to exorcise things like that. Since my bedroom closet is too small for all my clothes, I keep my off season clothes in our spare room closet. That pretty much forces me to do an inventory since I need to switch things for the coming new season. Even if you have your whole wardrobe in one closet, it's a good practice. You can keep your things for the current season closest to you, then swap them out for the next season. Frankly, I just hate messing with all that, but when things are grouped by season, it forces me to get organized and clean out my closets.

    I do the same with my shoes as well. I've got around 150 pairs +/-, so it's a necessary evil to do the shoes as well. ;)
  6. thanks

  7. totally agree - if I have not worn something for more than a year it goes into the goodwill box.