Waddya think??

  1. Okay girls, I've been looking through my closet, and I found this red leather no-name bag that I got last winter....and I'm wondering if I should bring her out for this fall. What do you guys think??? Do you like? Is it still in style?? Just need some feedback...I don't wanna look like a goober...lol!

    Picture 444.jpg Picture 445.jpg
  2. That's cute! Why not wear it!
  3. Sorry...reposted w/ a pic....I always do that! :p
  4. It's a cute bag. Why do you think it would make you look like a goober?
  5. Thanks Angela!
  6. Haha! That's ok! I do that all the time! You're welcome btw!
  7. I guess I'm just wondering about the tassels, bag mania. Not sure if they are too much, KWIM? Thanks for your response!
  8. It's cute!! Is a flat/thin bag? I saw in one one the magazine that was supposed to be in for the fall. But only if you follow magazines. I saw wear it! Who cares! I love the color!
  9. I agree. Cute bag. And good color for Fall, too.
  10. I like it too! :smile:
  11. I think it's a cute bag. Wear it! :yes: Lots of current designer bags have tassels-- look at Ferragamo...
  12. Wear it and enjoy....cute bag!
  13. I have a ferragamo in black that looks just like your red bag. It's one of my favorite bags. I plan on using it this winter and beyond! I like the tassels (I actually twirl them when I'm bored.)
  14. The tassels reminded me of Ferragamo too. I think it's cute. Wear it.
  15. I agree with everyone else - love the colour, and a cute style = USE IT!! XD