wad to do wit the split tassels?

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  1. wad can we actually do with those split tassels? i jes bought my cornflower box.. but the tassels splilt after using for few days.. pls help!!
  2. can u take it to the store and get a change or a refund?
    i myself don't reallt bother bout the split tassels... the more, the merrier to me :P
  3. I'm not a big fan of gluing but you can do that if it bothers you and the store won't let you exchange/return it. Also, you can try and order a replacement set from BalNY but it's been like playing craps, depending on the SA and the moon cycle you could be denied or approved.
  4. I personally don't mind split tassels at all. But your bag should have come with extra spare tassels. If not, you can order extra tassels from Balenciaga NY, or yeah try to glue them together if you want.
  5. I like 'em split!
  6. I LOVE THEM SPLIT TOO!!!! If you don't you can call BAlNY for extras.
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