Wacky weather: What's going on in your neck of the woods?

  1. March has been the strangest month for weather in my area. It was nice and warm at the beginning of the month, so warm that I actually went out in short sleeves without a jacket once or twice :nuts:

    ...and then all of a sudden it got cold a few days ago and it has been snowing! Yesterday we even had snow with lightning & thunder... :confused1:

    Today was especially weird. I go to Uni. in Coburg, which is about 100km away from where I live. I was driving home this afternoon and it was +7 C (according to my car) outside when I left Coburg at around 2. Once I got out of the city limits the temperature shot down to -3 C and started to snow...Then I went though a mountain pass where it was +5 C and then once I got back down the mountain it was -4 C and snowing like crazy. I was around 20 km away from my house and then the sun started to shine and the temps went back up to around +6 C...but once I drove into my driveway it started to snow again! :shrugs:

    Crazy weather!
  2. Here in Long Beach, Calif, it is about 59 degrees and rainy. I am about 3 blocks from the shore, but no one is on the beach.
  3. very warm, sunny clear yesterday....pouring rain today...lol
  4. It's been beautiful here in Texas(south of Houston) For the past few days... no rain, perfect temp for being outside, I wish it was like this all the time ... oh, but wait and little while and summer will be here with it's HEAT!!! :beach: :cool:
  5. Rain all day here today. Pretty windy in the financial district too. Not fun to be out at lunchtime!
  6. I'm in NC....70s last week, then down to the 40s and 50s over the weekend. 70 today, 52 tomorrow, then 70s all the way throught the weekend....up and down, up and down! :girlsigh:
  7. I'm also in southern California, Los Angeles to be exact. It's hovering around 60 degrees, grey/foggy/hazy, drizzling on and off.
  8. It's so cold here at the moment - nice & sunny though but so cold...:push:
  9. Michigan - 70 degrees one day:yahoo: , the next morning I wake up with three inches of snow on my car. :yucky:
  10. it's VERY cloudy and windy today in North Texas - about 71 degrees.
    We're expecting hardcore rain anytime now through the weekend.
  11. WElll....I live in KS and we're known for our wacky weather! A few weeks ago, it was 72 degrees, then late that night it started thundering and lightening...then when we woke up, there was snow on the ground!
    Yesterday was sunny and 65 and today is rainy, cold and in the 50's...tomorrow is supposed to be around 70! ha! Crazy ks!
  12. Right now it's rainy on and off and when I say on and off I mean it will rain for like not even 2 minutes and then just stop. They say it's a 20% chance of rain for the whole week. They never know what's going on.
  13. Pretty chilly with some drizzling here in the Los Angeles area.. however, last week, it was BEAUTIFUL! It was so nice & hot that I went out in shorts and tank tops!
  14. ^^ Yep now it's sprinkling and getting colder in SFV
  15. What no weather report from the UK - hey we love to talk about the weather - well it's freezing cold and we even had hail earlier today.