Wacko buyer...how to handle this??

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  1. Ok, for as long as I've been selling on Ebay, I've yet to encounter this particular problem, and I hope you guys can give me some advice! Actually, I figure there's nothing I can do, but I thought I would ask anyway!:P It's a bit early to contact anyone directly via phone support, and last time I did, I didn't really get anything resolved (and it wasted my time since I hate hanging on the line).

    I had a buyer purchase a ~$100 item at around 3:30am this morning. It was a fixed price listing with immediate pay, so he paid for the item. He then immediately sent me an email saying he "accidentally" purchased the item and would I refund him. Hey, I was asleep (WOW), and I didn't respond back right away. So, about every 15-20 minutes afterward he sent me more messages saying "sorry for the waste of time", "please can I get a refund", blah, blah, blah... MORON!!! :cursing: I have a stack of emails in my inbox as a result!

    Ok, I wake up, and believe me this is the LAST thing I want to deal with this morning, but I sent him a polite email (with a lecture on how it's costly to the seller when you have a buyer's remorse situation, and there's no way that could be an accident since he had to pay for the item to close the trans.). I told him I would refund immediately if he completed the "mutually agree to cancel", and I explained why I require that. In other words, I don't refund until they complete the form because otherwise, I can't get my final value fees back.

    Well, shortly after, he sends me an email that says he really likes the item and wants to complete the transacton, etc, and he declined the mutual agreement, so I'm stuck with selling him the item. :cursing::cursing::cursing:

    He's in Canada. Quite frankly, I don't trust this flake, and I figure if something else doesn't happen, he'll either refuse the customs, file a SNAD claim, or leave me negative feedback anyway. So should I bother to ship the item? I suppose I'm feeling negative and creating trouble before it happens here, but I really feel between a rock and a hard place because this guy has sent up too many red flags. I don't want to sell him the item after he's caused this much trouble (which has now wasted too much of my time already this morning). I also do not want to lose my item to this idiot (or have him damage it), as well as get anything negative on my record. But...it's just $100 at least (thank goodness!), so I would not be out too much money.

    I have near 700 transactions and am an honest power seller with 100% feedback. I do try to give the best customer service possible, but this is a bit extreme IMHO. I don't really want to destroy my reputation over this moron, but quite frankly, I'm sick of Ebay and I almost don't care anymore! I really don't want to lose a $100 item either, even though it's a relatively small amount. Is there anything I can do about this, or exactly who/how would I report this? Ebay really has cut off the arm of the seller in every regard!

    If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. I figure I will hold off till later in the day and then ship the item if there's nothing I can do anyway. :sad:

  2. I was wondering if you have anything in your auction that says you don't ship to Canada? I know alot of sellers have this in their auctions. Good luck. I was going to post some bags on thebay but I didn't realize how crazy some buyers are. I would never think to do that...
  3. ^^ Thanks for your response.

    Right after the Ebay changes, I did go strictly US for a while and asked any interested international buyers to please PM me and I would consider making an exception. However, running the fixed price listings sometimes created delays and problems (especially for previous trusted customers), and I lost some sales as a result. So I started allowing it again on a brand by brand basis. Now the only time I don't ship to Canada or anywhere international is when I list certain trademark items that might be a fraud potential, and then I do filter that out through buyer requirements so that they can't "accidentally" bid. Otherwise, I admit I've always had great success with international buyers. I know it's a risk, but honestly, many of my absolute best buyers are international! It's just that sometimes I notice certain brands seem to attract PITA buyers. This is one of those brands IMO.
  4. so your buyer is a male? I would let him out of it and cut your losses.....JMHO

    he sounds like a PITA
  5. ^^ Yes, it is a male's name, and he bought a men's hat... so I assume it is a male. :shrugs: I was more than willing to let him out of it, trust me, but now he wants to complete the transaction...total flake! I fear more problems with him no matter what I do..just a gut feeling. Either he was just drunk this morning or insane (not sure which). You should see how many messages he sent every 15 minutes or so after he paid for the item, expecting me to be up at that time of morning and able to respond that quickly! He's got to be drunk or nuts!! :roflmfao:
  6. I would refund his money and send him a kindly worded email that you don't feel comfortable completing the transaction given his changing his mind twice. After you've done that, send the mutually agree not to complete this transaction request. Don't lecture him or anything, just get out of it. Not worth selling to an erratic buyer.
  7. ^agreed
  8. I would, politely, insist on the mutual withdrawal to see if he could be persuaded.
  9. Because of course this jerk will probably feel the need to leave neg FB right?
  10. I agree with not shipping to this person. I know you risk getting a neg, but I guess, I, too, am tired of the buyers (or I should say nonpaying bidders) these days on *bay and do not want the ones who are trouble from the start to have my items! You can always respond to the neg saying that he requested a refund and you obliged him. With 700 + feedbacks, most honest people can read between the lines. You are at risk of him giving you a neg at this point no matter what you do. I am always afraid that these types will stomp on my merchandise and then file the SNAD.
  11. Actually, to be honest I wasn't thinking about feedback but on the circumstances and the OP's gut feeling about this transaction.
  12. ^^ Me, too, actually. I would take the neg rather than sell to this one.
  13. To me, safety always comes first. But that's just me...
  14. how rude of him to overload you with emails in the am! I would have went off on him on that alone! How Rude!!:cursing: And then for him to change his mind. Seriously??! I would tell him No way! No how!! But then he could possilbly leave neg. feedback. and if he did couldnt you ask ebay to remove it being how the whole situation went?
    How frustrating. Good luck though and Im sure everything will work out. Hopefully.
    Sorry to hear of this shady transaction.