Waahhhh!!! No More Amore Shipments for Pulse

  1. :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
    I'm not going to get my Zucca or Stellina - Casey just called and told me that what they got is all they are going to get...

    So if anyone finds and Amore Zucca or Stellina let me know......
  2. YIKES, that sucks. I'm glad I ordered my wallet from Pulse yesterday.
  3. What happened that they're not getting any more?? Uh-Oh does that mean bubblesung won't get the second half to her order :shocked: . Where are you gonna get your amore, Nordies? :shrugs:
  4. OH my goodness!!! I wonder what happened?? I am SO GLAD I called and got that Gioco!!!!!
  5. Yikes...see, I knew something like this was going to happen, I'm so glad I got my stuff when I wanted it and didn't hold out. I even made my mom get her tokidoki mamma mia fast too just in case.
  6. Casey just said that Lesportsac sold more than what they made.

    I feel really bad for her...I think she has to call a bunch of peeps about this. *sigh*But she did let me preorder for the Spiagga which was very nice of her...I hope people don't freak out on the poor girl. I'm dissapointed but I don't think it's her fault or anything.
  7. I feel bad for her too. Lesportsac is ruining her life too. You can still order amore from Nordstrom.com they just don't offer every bag style but it's better than nothing. And there's always the evil eBay :boxing:
  8. I had the same thing happen, I did call out to Glendale Macy's in CA & got their last stellina in Amore. They did have a bamione I know and a few other styles as well. It is pretty stupid to sell more than you make. LeSportsac sucks, but I still preordered a Spagia too, so I should be really far up on that list I hope too Poor Casey she is all worried about calling everyone, its not her fault, the company needs complaint letters written to them maybe. Its not nice to create an addiction, then not make enough to feed the addiction!!

  9. OMG! :wtf: Does anyone know then if Pulse still has some amore denaros laying around?

    This is terrible.

    Now I'm starting to freak about the Spiaggia. I'll need to see if I can preorder. The question is will Pulse have a problem getting any Spiaggia next month?
  10. When Panic Sets In....


    That's my new Campeggio :smile: I think it looks a lot like annie's - which I think was just about perfect.

    I've been watching it for 2 days now but hadn't bought it because ...

    1) I had bid on another Campeggio before I saw this one and no was outbidding me and I didn't need two.

    2)I kept think I'd probably be able to get one (or a Zucca!!) from Pulse in the future at like 20% off.

    Well as soon as I saw Pulse is not getting any more I checked eBay. Someone FINALLY outbid me on the other one so this one is now mine, all mine!!

    I am a bit sad though that I'll probably never have my amore zucca... the perfect print on the perfect bag.
  11. It's really pretty, DreamsofToki :smile:
  12. That's why I'm not gonna :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: about upcoming prints...I'll just turn to the evil ebay. Congrats Dreams of Toki that's a nice bag!! :graucho:

    I'm thinking LeSportsac has to eventually carry toki other than pirata and adios star, no? Maybe the spring bag they'll carry is spiagga? As long as I can get something from ebay or lesportsac's website I'm not gonna worry but who knows. I don't even know if I like spiagga! :nuts:
  13. ugh! that's so frustrating! how could they be sold out already?!?! I haven't even seen ANY amore in NY!! :crybaby:
  14. :wtf: This makes no sense.
  15. :crybaby: ugh! i guess no amore stellina for me... unless if anybody still sees one at a macys or nordies please post!