Waahhh my scarf has vanished from hermes.com!

  1. I can't believe it! The Kelly en Caleche scarf has vanished!:crybaby:I can't believe it! I am so upset! My SO has just come back from Berlin, he looked everywhere for Hermes, couldn't find it. So he said ok we will order it from the internet; I have just looked and it has gone!:shrugs:

    I am so upset right now! Just wanted to tell someone!! xxx
  2. oops, thought you lost the actual scarf
    Good luck, you will find it
  3. LP, it's worth a try to call them. There was a scarf on the website that I debated buying until it disappeared. I called them, and it turned out they had another 1 or 2.

    It can't hurt to try, at least. Also, sometimes I've seen scarves disappear, then pop back up later.

    Good luck!
  4. ^ you mean ring the website? x
  5. Yes. There should be a customer service number somewhere on the website. You can call them at that number. You might also be able to achieve the same thing by emailing them. I've gotten a disappeared scarf and a disappeared pochette that way.
  6. The stores have them as well, just call the 800 number and they will locate one for you.
  7. I just got one two weeks ago at the Charlotte NC store, but I'm pretty sure it was the last one. I know they've been popping in and out of the website though because I'd see one, think about it, decide to get it and it would be gone. Then it would pop back in again. :shrugs:
  8. Oh, no! They pop in and out. Do try the customer service number - I've found a few scarves that way. Good luck! :yes:
  9. Luva Pug, I'm sorry it disappeared :heart:. Please, let us know if you managed to find it! I sure hope you did. I see an orange box or two for you during these Holidays :yes:. I wish you told me that I'm right :okay:.
  10. Sorry about your scarf. I hope that you can find it! BTW there are no Twillys on Hermes.com why is that?
  11. One word:

    Christmas... ;)
  12. Yes...they were going so quickly as of last week! I was going onto the site every day to find a certain twilly for my SIL and one by one they were disappearing! I was able to find it at my local Hermes store, so I am excited to be giving my sweet SIL her first Hermes item!

    LuvaPug...call Hermes customer service at 1-800-441-4488 and they will be able to locate one for you. There is a gentleman there named Chris who has helped me several times and he is fantastic. Good luck with your search :flowers:
  13. The Twillys Are Always Gone This Time Of Year!!!:yes:

    Definitely Call The 1800 On Your Kelly En Calache &/Or Twillys
  14. Thank you everyone for your help!! Im in the UK though! Ah I think I have left it too late for Chrsitmas delivery too! I emailed them and I have had no reply, so i will ring the store in London today, to see if they have them in! I can never seem to get through though!