WAAH! So upset about Kidada for Disney Couture bracelet!!!

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  1. Here's what happened... I literally bought this bracelet (the leather one that wraps around the wrist) about an hour ago. I have wanted it on and off for a while and finally decided to get it cuz it was on sale. Well, I got home and wrapped it around my wrist and re-adjusted it once just to see if I liked it with more hanging off or less. Well, all of a sudden one of the charms fell off and I noticed that one end of the bracelet was unravelling! It's braided so if it unravels, everything will come off. Both ends have a shorter-looking piece, but I can't figure out how it came unravelled. I'm so upset. Plus what I didn't realize is that the store where I got it considers sale stuff to be final sale only! I called them and they said they *might* be able to send it in for a repair. I'm so disappointed! Has anyone else had problems with this bracelet?
  2. That stinks! I hope the store does something for you.
  3. I don't know about in the US, but in Australia consumers are covered by laws that require that the store has to give a refund or replace an item if it lasts less than a reasonably expectable time. There must be some kind of protection for customers? I hope they fix it quickly for you!