Waah! My adios necklace was lost!

  1. Boo! I got a necklace off of eBay. But today it arrived ripped up and the necklace was gone! When I went to the post office to ask what I can do, they said I should have gotten insurance. Then I told them that since the package was ripped, they would have nulled my insurance anyways. The worker said, "Yeah. That is true." So I contacted the seller and still no word. Should I leave a negative feedback and file for never recieved? Also, the worker said I could try to file a lost claims and describe it and there MAY be a chance it could be at the "dead letter" center and MAYBE they can find it if it is described well. But I highly doubt it.

    I just want my money back now. ANy suggestions?
  2. Was it paypal covered perhaps?

    I'm sorry :heart:, it's so annoying when these things happen. :cursing:

    I say wait for the seller's answer, maybe he'll be super nice and refund you?
  3. Sounds fishy to me. Was there a delivery confirmation on the package? In any case dispute with Paypal that you never received it, since you didn't. That's what Paypal's there for.
  4. definitely file a complaint with eBay AND paypal!
    its the seller's fault - they should have packaged it better! what did they do? just put it in a cheap plain white envelope? they have padded envelopes & tiny boxes at the post office, some you dont even have to pay for! that's why I always include a little extra when I put in shipping prices: people may question it when they see the postage, but the rest is to pay for shipping materials so that my items get to the buyers safely & securely. Some people just get cheap when it comes to shipping things and they just want their money & will ship it to you however cheaply they possibly can! :cursing: grrr to them!
  5. Yeah, I bought it using paypal. I'm thinking of disputing it. I'll wait until tomorrow to see if she responds. She sent it in one of those flimsy priority mail envelopes, but it obviously wasn't strong enough packaging.

    Should I leave her a negative feedback though? Or wait until I hear more?
  6. Wait on the negative feedback. A lot of times, sellers will stop dealing with you altogether for leaving. It is a last resort.

    My suggestion: Email first to see what their story is... and save all of your emails as evidence for the paypal dispute. If you can, take pictures of the envelope. Make sure that you politely but firmly state your expectation of a response and a date you wish to hear from them by (I'd give 3 days). After three days, tell them that you have no option but to file a dispute if you don't get a response within a day... then file the dispute.
  7. Hmmm. That's a tough one. As a seller, I would have packaged the necklace probably in a bubble envelope, but the priority mail envelopes are usually pretty sturdy. I do sympathize with you, but I'm not sure this is the seller's fault either. It might not be a big deal for the seller to "eat" the cost and refund you the money if they are big merchant, but for a smaller eBay seller, it doesn't seem really fair for them to take the hit for something that was not necessarily their fault. (I'm just playing devil's advocate here, so don't get mad at me..I'm just trying to give another perspective.)

    Did you say that the USPS won't cover it under insurance because the package was opened? What in the world is the point of insurance if not to protect the buyer and seller against damage or loss? Did you turn down insurance when you paid for the item? You would probably have more of a case if you had purchased insurance from the seller. If he/she offered insurance and you chose not to buy it, eBay and Paypal may side with the seller.

    I would not give negative feedback too fast for several reasons. One, as honeybefly stated, many will just stop dealing with you once you have placed negative feedback in their profile. Two, if they have not already left feedback for you, you're likely receive a negative yourself from them.

    It's a tough one and I do feel bad for you. Wait and see how they respond. If you just emailed them today, give them until Monday to respond. If it's merchant seller, they may not have hours on the weekend.

    Good Luck. I sincerely hope you can work something out with the seller.
  8. Any chance someone ripped it open and took the necklace? :shrugs:
  9. so wait how was it ripped? Like small thru a machine or someone was mail tampering isn't there something about that? :shrugs: and I agree about waiting for feedback. Good luck!
  10. I also want to know how "ripped" it was or how it was ripped... I guess another scenario is that the seller sent it to you already ripped so that it looked like it happened in the delivery process but they're trying to scam (and the mail carriers don't pay attention to how a package or envelope looks when they pick it up)? But then I'm sure they'd already have at least some negative feedback from others if they've done it before... unless you're the first one they're trying this new technique on.

    I don't know. Can you guys tell I'm a pessimist? *lol*
  11. And paranoid :lol:, I actually thought about that scanerio as well, could pay off- mailing ripped empty envelopes all around the world and getting paid for it.

    It is possible though, but he has to be a real jackass/idiot.
  12. but wouldn't the mail office catch that when he drops it off like that or when they're mailing it? like for one of my packages that was ripped open they stuck it in a plastic baggie and mailed the sender a notice :shrugs: that's why I'm wondering how big the rip was

  13. Silly!! That's not an example of paranoia!! Now, if it happened to me, and that's the scenario I kept thinking about over and over, then it might be considered paranoia...
  14. I know, I was kidding. :lol:
  15. post a pic of the envelope!!