Waah!! I'm Being ...


    Ok, NOT really ...

    Anyways, at Fashion Island, I saw the SAME lady with the fuchsia ostrich Birkin with gold hardware. I mean, what are the chances that you see the SAME person carrying the SAME bag at two DIFFERENT locations within so short a time? Maybe I'm easily impressed, but I thought that's quite something. I managed to get a much closer look at the Birkin. The gold hardware is growing on me.
  2. Poor Kou! It seems as though this bag is really haunting you! There must be one in your future- and soon too!
  3. Well...this either means that you are to be tortured by fuschia ostrich for the rest of your natural life OR the bag of your dreams is right around the corner waiting for the moment you no longer care about it to show up....
  4. Kou...so how do you like it with gold hardware?:shrugs: I think I was the only one who "voted" for gold!:tender: :love:( mabe it is the universe telling you something?):lol:
  5. Ya know, I LIKE it~~ The first time I saw it it was from far away and I thought the dots compete with the gold. But this time since I see it up close, it really grew on me. It looks more formal and luxurious.

    now I'm VERY curious about seeing fuchsia with ruthenium.
  6. Awww ... but that's kind of a Catch-22! It's kind of like how I found my first BF, at that time I've given up hopes of landing a virginal boyfriend, and then wham! There he was!

    But how to make myself not care about Hermes to show up ...? That's a toughie.
  7. Keeping my eyes open for it right now ... :yes:
  8. The gold looked more luxurious/glamourous to me, :love: :kiss: and
    with ruthenium...it looks kind of cool and "edgy" :supacool:
  9. I agree with Ava, Kou.....I kinda like the Ruthenium for exactly that...the edge. Pretty cool IMO.
  10. oye! TMI, gurlie!!!:blush:

    i agree w/ the others. it's definitely a "sign" - that is, if you believe in those things.

  11. Oh, Kou....I only meant that wonderful things happen when you least expect it to.......:flowers:

    Your fuschia will show up for you....I know it will!!!!!:yes:
  12. I think it's a sign too! I am hoping that yours shows up soon! :flowers:
  13. Kou, we're going to throw a major party when you finally get your dream bag!!:yahoo: :tender: :yahoo: :wlae:
  14. It was meant to be so that you can have a look at the bag in real to see if it's what you really want!