Waah! I think I was snookered!

  1. Someone just did a Buy It Now on one of my Chloe bags I had listed and relisted. I sent the buyer a direct email asking if she planned to pay via funded paypal or credit card paypal so that I could invoice her appropriately (and possibly avoid the extra fees).

    Only then (stupidly) did I check her feedback. She only has 3 feedbacks, and the most recent one was a negative from lvlady99, whom I know is a reputable eBay seller. Lvlady99's feedback said something like "eBay security is worthless and they did nothing." I am afraid this is a stolen eBay user ID. I will definitely report this to ebay if the user ID is stolen, but how do I confirm if it is or not, aside from lvlady99's feedback?

    What should I do? Should I just wait to see if she actually does follow through with payment? If I relist the bag, I will be subject to ebay fees again. I have already gotten 2 spam emails now this AM, and I'm paranoid that my email is now on some list somewhere. I am so worried! Help!!!!
  2. I think you might have to wait and see if the account is actually stolen. If you have to relist make sure you require immediate payment for any BIN purchase. So sorry you have to deal with this crap.
  3. Oh, Oh not a good sign - I'm sorry that happened to you- I think you should contact Ebay :confused1:

    Good luck !
  4. Report to Ebay if you have not had a response within 24 hours. If she does pay via card there is a warning thread here stating that once you post the bag out there is chargeback so be extra careful (i'm not saying this will happen but it may be better to get a direct Paypal payment rather than a card via Paypal) good luck keep us posted
  5. I don't understand this. I will try to find the original thread here, but does this mean that once you have received the payment, they can take it away again? My impression was that once the funds had been received, they were there to stay....:confused1:

    OK, I found the thread. I am assuming the worst now. I will absolutely NOT ship the bag out unless she pays me from a confirmed address (no offense to those international folks, but this is more because of her poor feedback than anything else). I will definitely be contacting ebay at the 24 hour mark!
  6. I would be very alarmed by that feedback from lvlady99 and I would not ignore it. Try contacting lvlady99 thru an active auction they have listed asking for more details about the negative they left.

    I would also do a search on ebay of the user id buying activity. If they ended alot of auctions recently with BIN, I would be careful. This recently happened to me. A stolen ebay id ended well over 50 auctions in one day with BIN :sad: I just relisted the item without thinking twice about not completing the transaction and reported the activity to ebay. Eventually (like a week later) ebay caught up with the activity on the stolen account. They sent me an email advising the listing was removed (null and void) because of unauthroized account activity and ALL seller fees associated with the listing were credited back to my account (yes, they credited the listing fees, final value fee, etc.).

    And do be careful with any emails you receive that are not familiar to you. Especially purporting to be from ebay or paypal. To verify their authenticity, forward them to spoof@ebay.com or spoof@paypal.com. They will reply promptly advising if they are indeed genuine ebay or paypal emails.

    Hope it all works out for the best. Good luck :smile:
  7. If the account has been hijacked and the owner informs Ebay 1st you will receive a TKO notice stating the sale is void and Ebay will refund your listing fees (you have to chase Ebay for your final value fee as this is not automatically refunded) If Ebay have not sent this by 24 hours you are right to contact them then . If you have any further updates post them here so we can help you further
  8. Thank you so much! I did have a different auction which ebay ended with a TKO notice for this same reason. I'm just shocked that they weren't on top of it this time, especially given that feedback from lvlady99! Ugh!
  9. Forget the feedback how about the fact that that idiot has done BIN on literally THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of dollars worth of stuff in the past few days!! Sorry but I think it's definitely a highjacked account or just a jerk-off messing around. I just don't understand the purpose behind that! If I had that much time on my hands I'd do something a lot more productive and interesting than try to mess with people's eBay listings. I just wanna ring some peoples' necks!!!!!!!
  10. If this is the case use live support and they will help you within minutes but make sure to ask for both lots of fees back i wish you alot of luck for future listings
  11. Oh, I am sorry that happened to you! I hope all is resolved soon!!
  12. Go to goofbay.com and see what else your buyer has bought recently.
    This happened to me last week and the buyer had bought hundreds of other items. Needless to say their account had been hijacked and the transaction was canceled. Make sure you save your listing & pictures as once it's confirmed the account was taken over your listing will be zapped, never to be found again. You will also need to contact ebay to have your final value fees credited as this is not done automatically.
    Also it is entirely possible your email address is now on some list, I keep receiving emails offering fake handbags for sale from China. It was bad enough receiving them through ebay now I get them directly!!!
  13. I had this happen on a Chloe last week after a buyer used the BIN option. I just happened to check the feedback of this buyer, and WOW!! The latest three feedbacks were red flags and were left that very day, alerting me to the fact that it had to be a stolen ID. The purchaser was in the UK. I immediately contacted Ebay and explained that I did not want to invoice or ship to them considering the circumstances. By the following morning, Ebay had completely pulled the auction and credited my fees. The ID had in fact been stolen. Trust your gut feeling. With so much thievery on Ebay these days, it's better to be safe than sorry. Good luck to you.
  14. Good news! Ebay just sent me the TKO notice. (I did live chat this morning and they told me to do account security live chat, but after almost half an hour in that queue, I received the TKO email, so I exited.) I don't envy them now having to wade through all 8 pages of the bogus bidding this person has done lately.
    I will just relist my Betty again. Ugh - how annoying. Thanks so much for all of your help, everyone! And thanks to Westiegirl, I did save my pictures and listing so I won't have to create it all again. Phew!!!! I appreciate you all so so so so so much! :heart:
  15. Sorry this happened to you, it seems like it has happened a lot lately!