Waah! Anthracourier order from LVR got cancelled!

  1. I placed this order in mid-March and would have gotten free shipping and a great price. Today they emailed me and told me that Anthracouriers never went into production from Balenciaga (:confused1:) and canceled my order. Boo hoo.....:crybaby:
  2. I'm So Sorry. Keep Searching
  3. Dont give up - the perfect bag awaits you!
  4. i am so sorry for you girl! :crybaby: but ... try to look it from a bright side - the good thing is you can move on and get another one of gorgeous bals ! :yes: maybe an anthrawork ? :graucho:
  5. I've seen so many anthra couriers in the UK! How can they say it was never produced???????????
  6. So sorry. :sad:
  7. Oh, I'm so sorry this happened to you. I was really looking forward to seeing the courier in Anthracite. Maybe they just didn't order it. Have you called anywhere else?
  8. ^^ oh no, what bad CS, <<<hugs>>> :crybaby:
  9. That's not cool. :cursing: So sorry to hear that, it would have been a gorgeous bag!
  10. aww, im so sorry :sad:

    i wonder if this means the sandstone and blue glacier couriers were ever made as well?
  11. Really? Interesting... Maybe Balenciaga doesn't want to admit they messed up the order!!! :shrugs:
  12. That's exactly what I was thinking too. In fact I think I have seen pics of this very bag posted here. I called them early this morning and talked to "Christina," who was WONDERFUL - she's actually from CA originally! - and together we decided to change my order to blue glacier. She said I could return it if I didn't like the color. I'm still sad though...I really wanted an anthracite bag. What gives over at Balenciaga? :confused1: