WAAAHHH!!! FedEx came today...

  1. ...and I wasn't here to sign for my Legacy Stripe ponytail scarf!!

    Oh well. The good news is that I'm working from home tomorrow. There's no WAY I'll miss it again! I can't wait!!
  2. Bummer! I hate that. I always tell my SA to tell Fedex to leave it on the porch.
  3. God I hate when that happens. I now have things delivered to work a lot.
  4. I can't stand when that happens! I get so excited when I have a package coming that I check the tracking every five seconds. But it always seems that the day it's supposed to come, nobody is home to get it.
  5. That's the worst thing ever!
    Good thing you will be home tomorrow.
  6. congratz....cant wait to see the pix
  7. I am never here, that is why Coach comes to my work!

    Gald you won't miss it this go round!
  8. I usually request delivery to work, as well. I missed my delivery once and swore that it would never happen again!! Now, at work, I hear, "another package from Coach!?"
  9. Bummer!!! I just ask the SA to say I don't need to sign for it! Can't wait to see pics!

  10. I just have my things delivered to work also.
  11. I hate when that happens.
    Post pics when it arrives!!!
  12. I hate it when that happens.Post pics when you get it ^-^
  13. This is a little OT, but I came back from my parent's house the other day to find a Coach package at my front door. It was nice that I didn't have to run around the city to pick up my package, BUT I live in an apt building - so anyone else in my building (or any of their guests) could have seen the package (with the return address of Coach) and grabbed it, and I would have been none the wiser, and one Legacy wristlet poorer. It kind of annoyed me - for all Fedex knew, I could have been gone for months.
  14. i wish fedex made me sign for my coach deliveries...thats why i cant get them sent to my apt, they have to get sent to my school student box