WAAAHH! LV was closed last night....

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  1. I was so bummed! I called the mall and they were open until nine. I dragged my husband because I was DYING to look at the new LV stuff and we got there at around 7:45. LV closed at 7. Waaahhhh! I was just standing there so pathetic with my nose pressed against the window trying to see anything I could. :wtf:
  2. Boo, that sucks, Im sorry!
  3. That totally sucks. Especially since you were with your husband. But that would be me too with my nose pressed up against the window looking in. Too funny
  4. oh, i'm sorry. :sad:
  5. Aw that sucks!
  6. Aww poor girl im sorry!
  7. Oh man, that stinks!! I would have been so upset!
  8. darn that totally sucks.
  9. Awwww shame...more next time you visit!
  10. That sucks that your LV store closed early that day but run to the mall now!!! Tiffany closes early at the malls that I visit... usually the mall is open until 9pm on a Sat, and Tiffany closes at either 6pm or 7pm. Crazy!! But, if you go to Vegas, the LV at Wynn & Caesar are open until midnight on Fri and Sat. and even on holidays!!! Tiffanys at Bellagio was also open late and on Thanksgiving day. Crazy, huh? But good for us shoppers!
  11. Did it close earlier than normal?

    I make sure I know the times of all the LV's and Tiffany's here. I wouldn't be a happy camper if I went and it was closed.
  12. No, I thought maybe (as I was smearing the windows) that there was an emergency or something. I asked someone and they said that they always close at 7 on Sat. night even though the mall is open until nine. I was just standing there in disbelief that I couldn't go in!! ;)
  13. I feel your pain. The first time I went to Tiffany's I realized they closed at 6 even tho the mall is open til 9. So disappointing. Now you just need to buy yourself something nice for all the "trauma" you've been through!
  14. I'm so sorry but don't worry I'm sure you'll see the new stuffs soon!
  15. I like your thinking!!