Waaah who bought the pink continental wallet on ebay??

  1. :sad: I was hoping to get my first Bottega piece and I had my eye on this gorgeous continental wallet in hot pink on eBay... but due to DARN TIME ZONES - I'm currently on summer vacation elsewhere in the world - I saw that it had ended overnight. :sad: As soon as I got up this morning, I saw it ended.

    Where else would i be able to get a smaller piece in that color? Did Bottega make a lot more in hot pink? Please keep your eyes peeled.... I NEED a hot pink Bottega something to satisfy my cravings! I'm sure you ladies understand.... thanks!

  2. Check out the BV stores . Quarzo (hot pink) items should be in the sale
    Oh, and its so awful when you get outbid:cursing: