WAAAH! Is that a bird poop on my new Anna Corinna Tote?

  1. :huh: I don’t know if it’s just me but lately I’m seeing a trend in poor damage and quality control for sale items I buy online. Shopbop sent me a pair of used and jacked up shoes (although they MORE than made up for it so no real complaint there). A small boutique sent me a pair of dusty sun faded pants that must have been folded up in a sunny window for a year! Nordies has sent me a worn and returned dress with lots of wrinkles, a bonus hair and a nice snag to top it off. Jcrew has sent an entire order in a soaking wet stapled closed paper bag. One item was damp but nothing permanently damaged and I’m sure it didn’t leave Jcrew in that condition but come on!! You mailed 5 items to me in a paper bag did you really think it was going to arrive unscathed??

    There are more….many, many more! But my vote for item that arrived in less than pristine condition goes to….. my very lovely new (and first) AC City tote which arrived complete with a bird poop!:tup: Okay so it's all nice and hidden on the inside of the bag which also means there is no way in hell it could be an actual bird poop but whatever that crusty bit of cling-on is inside my shiny new bag it is GROSS and I’m getting a little fed up with businesses not inspecting their stuff before they ship! :hysteric:

    Am I overreacting here? At this point I haven’t even complained to the company because what are they gonna say?? “whoops sorry about that, you can return it if your not happy”(no way!) or better yet they could make me really mad and say something like “sorry final sale” :cursing:. I mean, I’m sure the poo stuff would just scrap out and clean up pretty easy but come on! Sale or no I still paid good money and isn’t the whole idea behind a sale to attract customers? So are they not interested in attracting customers that will actually come back? So I’m going to ***** and moan here because maybe some businesses that surf these boards will listen and start checking their shipments better!

    That’s all... rant over! On a lighter note here are some pictures of my lovely new bag! It is metallic mustard which I haven’t seen posted anywhere else. It is not mustard at all but a very neutral bronze/antiqued brass look. These pics didn't come out so great and I will try to get more later. I love the color and the size is perfect! I can’t believe some people think the city it too big! I thought I wanted the mini but I’m so glad I went with this one!

  2. That AC bag is beautiful. I'm sorry about the complimentary item you found inside....I've noticed even in the stores the inventory has little unexpected extras deep within the fibers.

    I think you made a good choice in color and size for your new AC bag. It's really chic.
  3. Wow, the bag looks MUCH better on you than it does on the website. They don't have good photos at all.
    I completely agree with you about the lack of quality control! It drives me crazy too. I received a $650 bag FOLDED and smooshed flat, crammed into a flat box. WTH, do they think anyone would NOT return that poor bag? I don't get it either.
    That "stuff" in the top photo is truly turning my stomach. Looks like part of someones lunch.:yucky:
  4. i have been lucky not to receive any questionable quality things from online buys....yet! but i feel i buy so much online that it's really only a matter of time until i do receive something funky. that would be just such a pain!

    your bag is super cute too! and definitely not too big!!
  5. It's like I just read my own post. I too just got at bag at that price from Shopbop folded and shoved into a tiny little box. It was scratched and the folding had damaged the leather so back it went. I agree and I think some stores will resell anything that that comes back because eventually someone will keep it. But bird poop ew!
  6. Yikes that's disgusting! I don't think I could handle it. I'd send it back! ITA with notblushing...that bag looked not so nice on the website, but looks amazing on you! Can they exchange it?
  7. Eww I'm sorry that happened to you! That is so gross! Even if you bought it on sale, that's just unacceptable, come on! You still shelled out your hard earned cash for it!

    Btw, the color of you Anna Corinna is fab!
  8. Eww, that grosses me out. What the heck is that stuff? Nasty!
  9. Shopbop has sent me some jacked up bags before too :sad:
  10. Oh my god that is totally a screaming booger.

    I have had problems with CS in a gazillion places, I find it normally works out for me in the end because enough complaining will get you coupons, free stuff, discounts, etc. I once complained about a purchase and got a full refund, keep the item, and got a 25% off coupon in the mail. Nice.

    I do have to say thank goodness you posted these pics, I was thisclose to buying the Mini, and the city looks much more my size. Looking back I realized the pics I was going off of were on a girl who is 5'3 and I am almost 5'10! Love that color, I am going for the Bronze!
  11. OMG that is DISGUSTING! Id be having that replaced right about now.
  12. That would kind of gross me out, even if I knew I cleaned it up I would always feel the bag was dirty. I guess someone might have been eating when they packed it???
    I ordered that bag from Shopbob and returned it. I didn't like the color or leather--mine felt very cheap. Others have said their leather quality was great so I guess it is hit or miss with AC. The bag looks great on you and I think it is a nice size. I love big bags.
  13. So it seems Shopbop has a problem with sending out shoddy goods? Sooo not acceptable!
  14. I have head of ShopBop's issues a few times before on other boards
  15. I am chatting with CS live chat and am far from impressed with what they are offering me...