Waaah, I miss Sex and the City!

  1. I miss the girls and the fashion and the cocktails and the funny banter. I've been watching old episodes through my cable "on demand" service, but we ladies NEED another show like this! :sad:
  2. me too!!!! I guess we are going to have to watch the dvd's over and over...thats what I do. I love that show. Its the only series I can listen to and not watch when I'm doing something around the house. I would LOVE for them to go for another season.
  3. I miss it too....they need to have a movie....
  4. i miss it too... so badly! i watch the reruns all the time!

    desperate housewives is a poor substitute... I like the banter in Entourage, but its w/ boys. eww! :-P
  5. i watched the whole thing 3 times already and i'm still not bored of it!
  6. I know! siiiigh. it's the only show that if reruns come on, I must stop what I'm doing and watch.
  7. i tivo all the reruns, even though i have all the dvds. a lot of nights, i'll watch the tivo'd reruns, and then turn on the dvds to listen to while i fall asleep. i must have seen each episode at least 4 or 5 times, if not way more. sometimes, if it's an episode i particularly like, i'll watch it twice in a row.

    i cannot fathom doing this with anything else, sex and the city was a true original and nothing will EVER replace it.

    i have extreme emotional attachments to this show, it's gotten me through two breakups (one of which was very bad) and my first move out on my own. it seems like no matter what personal problem i'm having, i can turn on an episode of SATC and my answers are magically there. and it's way cheaper than a therapist.
  8. Wow and I thought I was the only one going thru withdrawals! It was such an AMAZING show, I still can't believe they cancelled it!! Nothing else on TV compares to it.. :sad:
  9. I miss sex & the city also! my favorite episode was when her bf dumped her on a post it,and she got caught smoking weed.
  10. I keep re-watching the DVDs. I NEVER get tired of it!

    Plus, I always notice some new fashion detail I missed previously!
  11. i too miss it. i love watching old episodes too.
  12. I believe there were plans to make one, but Kim Catrall messed it up somehow.

    Her and SJP has some severe issues with each other.
  13. Yeah, I love that show. I have all the dvd's & watch them when working out on my stairmaster - SATC is in fact the only show that can drag me to that thing on a regular basis... So my rule is: no SATC unless working out at the same time. This works really well, to my DH's utter amazement - he was like WTF??? when he saw my "shoebox" with dvd's & read the title...:graucho:
  14. Haha, yeh I race to get home each week night after work to watch it on cable. I have also seen the episodes about 3 times. God Samantha makes me laugh :biggrin: .
  15. I wish there were new episodes, but I'm glad they decided to finish while it was at its peak and left us wanting more. What I miss the most is seeing inspiring fashion on a weekly basis. I hope there will be a Pat Field (or someone similar) styled TV series soon. I can't wait to see her work in "Devil Wears Prada."