WAAAH Buyers remorse- I WISH I had bought an RM bag during the sample sale..

  1. I was feeling kinda poor so just got a Kiss and make up clutch//now I am obsessed w/ a wine or violet bag!:cursing:
  2. Me too. During the sample sale I wasn't really into the MA or MAMs (was trying to get a No Strings satchel or Date Clutch). Now it's grown on me and I really want one. The silver mirror MA was also available and I'm totally regretting not asking about it!
  3. ^Oh poo, ladies! Look forward to the next RM Sample sale and think of all the wondrously yummy spring colors that will be available!:yes::yahoo:
  4. Be Still my heart...Johnny Depp is gonna be in my new MAM for sure.
  5. I wasn't on the board til after every place had their sample sales...waaah. The only one I managed to snag was a Kale Palmer b/c someone posted that they had it on hold but changed their mind. We can shop like crazy at the next RM sample sale :smile:
  6. I saw the ad for the RM sample sale but did not know much about RM so I was one of the few not going crazy about it. After the sale I started to browse the new sub-forum and fell in LOVE! :heart:
  7. I keep hearing rumors about another LA sample sale. I need concrete facts, people!!
  8. My credit card cries at I read this :graucho:
  9. well, if it makes you feel any better - there were no wine or violet bags at the sample sale (that I know of anyway).
  10. Funkylala is having a sale starting tomorrow, so you may be able to pick up an RM bag there for a good price.
  11. LOL, I thought you meant that you bought a RM bag and were having regrets. I thought to myself...HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!? LOL
  12. does anyone have details on this sale? please share! :tup:

    also... has anyone gotten a discount code from funkylala yet? TIA!

  13. ORLY? :choochoo:
  14. No details but I did hear that they will be sending emails out today or tomorrow at the latest...
  15. i am new to this brand and wondering when and where is the next sample sale. tia!