Waaaah! SA dropped the Cabas ball!!!

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  1. ok, its like this: :crybaby:
    Neimans's SA, my local one, just got in a shipment of normal (although still huge), but normal, sized black vinyl Coca Cabi for $995. But................did I receive a call, when she KNEW that I was waiting for one especially since the baby elephant debacle? Noooooooo, she sold all of them, presold, actually, and there is none for me in the manger on Xmas morning!
    I was so upset that, wandering through the Mall on my dinner hour, my stomach hollow and heart in it, and the food lines much too long, there was a pet kiosk in the middle of the mall with no lines. So, for some kind of sustenance, I got a dog biscuit (at least it had frosting on it and was shaped like a Christmas stocking) and ate it.......actually it wasn't bad, kinda like a canine gingerbread man.
    omg how could SA not call! Such neglect leads purse lovers to do strange and odd things...................

    anyway dear PFers, merry Christmas to all, and to all a good purse

    Hugs, Claudia
  2. Aww, I'm sorry about your purse! Love your story tho!! Too Funny!

    Hugs and a Very Merry Christmas!

  3. I always wondered how those tasted. :roflmfao:

    Ah well, consider it a sign. Wouldnt you rather have the leather instead anyway??
  4. so, did you decide against the whale?
    You never updated us!
  5. ohhhhh that's right, Swanky, i didnt do a definite update....2 posts ago, when i received the thing, creature, analomy, whatever :smile: I wrote that in a way it was nice...not as bad as i thought although at first glance, but first glance only, still scary...but that because it sagged more than the one i tried on in my local store, i was 25% in favor of keeping it instead of the 0% initially...............now, since i have put myself on the list of 3 NMs for the black vinyl one and local SA actually got some in (but didnt call me :sad: ) I have a new hope that has arisen like a phoenix bird from ashes................and will get the black vinyl instead...will not return the monster til/if I get a call re: vinyl . Strangely, somehow Big Foot is growing on me..and to return it would be like returning a cute but deformed puppy to pet store; there seems to be a bonding going on between us..........go figure lolol
    Merry Xmas and much warmth, love, health, and peace in the New Year, and thank you for your sweet and appreciated support!

    hugs, Claudia
  6. Sometimes I wonder how the SA's decide who to grant a sought-after bag to...

    If I don't get a call, I try to look at it from the perspective that they are saving me money. :sad:
  7. :sad: aw, sry to hear that, but do you have a particular SA you got to at NM? It might help if there's one-he/she can keep an eye out the inventory for you. :heart: the deformed puppy example, now i am starting to wonder will you get the black vinyl AND the Big Foot since the bond is growing stronger?:P
  8. .
  9. yes, Classic Chic, actually I do have a special Chanel SA at the NM in Boca Raton....(and one in Dior and Prada lol)
    she just didn't, for some reason, make the connection 'tween my name and the black vinyl Coco Cabas :crybaby: maybe Santa will get her a cloth bag with dinosaur eggs embroidered on it, to pay her back :P
    and, being saved $ because of no phone call is one way to look at it!;)
  10. I would have certainly let her know I was upset. Were you at the top of the list? You should get the next one that comes in. Boy that burns me up.
  11. I really hope your SA finds you for black cabas. But look on the bright side, your elephant cabas may someday save your life...if you are ever stuck in the middle of nowhere(looking absolutely hot of course), you can use it as a shining beacon for rescuers to find you.
  12. oh dear, i hope ya find one soon or your tummy is gonna be very upset! (;
  13. Claudia, you crack me up!! Your PF name really fits!! Love your posts! PS are you a writer by any chance?
  14. LOL.....
  15. That story is too funny haha. Hope you get a cabas!