Waaaaahhh!!! Hole in cashmere sweater!

  1. I discovered a hole in my favorite cashmere sweater, but now I've just discovred I can't find the extra thread that came with the sweater! :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:

    In case I find those threads are there any places that do reweaving for sweaters?

  2. Depends on where you are. Here in Chicago Without a Trace is fabulous. I have never had the threads and they have been able to match perfectly. Do a google search perhaps
  3. I took mine to a higher-end dry cleaner in Dallas and they sent it out for reweaving....I couldn't even tell where the holes had been. I believe it cost about $30.
  4. I've had this too...some uninvited guest is munchin' on our sweaters :-P. I'm sure a google search for a tailor/reweaver in your area would get you started! Best of luck!
  5. Thanks for the recs everyone....I have located a reweaver near my area, I'm crossing my fingers that they'll be able to fix it. :sad:

    I hate the stupid moths! I bought some herbal moth repellant, I hope it works!
  6. Cedar blocks will do the trick too. You just need to replace them periodically.
  7. Sorry to hear that :flowers:
    Hope you get it fixed soon.
  8. Double post. sry ;)
  9. At the end of every winter season....i dry clean my sweaters, and the zip them individually into Ziploc bags, and put them in the freezer for 3 days. I read somewhere that just drycleaning does not kill moth larvae, so the freezing insures that there are no nasty bugs on your sweaters. Then I just leave them individually sealed in their Ziplocs until the next winter comes around.
  10. ^^^that's a neat idea! I lost one of my favorite cashmeres to those nasty moths last year...
  11. Oh, no! A moth got my favorite sweater right in the boob. :sad: My mom stitched it up for me.
  12. I brought the sweater to this French Reweaver today and she said that she'd try to mend it first and see what happens. The hole isn't too big and I managed to find a similar color cashmere thread so maybe she could use that.
  13. Whoops...sorry double post
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