WAAAAAAHHHH!!! I NEED a magenta wristlet!

  1. I think this would look SOOOO cute with my pink Heritage Stripe tote that should be coming tomorrow or Tuesday. I know they went to the outlets so Friday I called my outlet and the SA said ya, they have the magenta ones and held it for me. So...I get there about an hour later, and they hand me a PLUM colored patent one, NOT a magenta. He tought that was magenta. Grrrrr. :sad: I saw they had the teal ones and plum but NO magenta. :sad: I really, really wanted one in magenta for my new tote. How can I get one? Sniff. :crybaby:
  2. Have you checked eBay or your local Department stores?

    Also, contact your Outlet again and ask them to put you on their 'Client Track' for this item & color. If/when it comes in, they can do a charge hold (which lasts for 2 weeks) until you can get there to pick it up. Good Luck!
  3. Hi sweetie! I am in need of a mini skinny in magenta to match my heritage stripe in pink also! hehe. I have the wristlet and I put the colors against eachother and the patent magenta is a tiny bit darker than the patent trim on the heritage stripe. But I think they still look good with eachother. I have the demi and the wristlet takes too much space in there so I did a charge send with my outlet for the mini skinny. I found one in another outlet not near me and had them hold it for me. So if you can, call around the outlets and if they have one they can hold it for you. Then you can go to the nearest coach outlet by you and have them do a charge send and that outlet that has the item will ship the item to that coach outlet near you. Hope it makes sense. I think the wristlet is going for 39.99 plus 20% off. Mini skinny is 29.99 plus 20% off. It's great because you can get that discount price compared to having them ship it to your home because they will charge their full retail price. HTH!!

    by the way, it's better to do the charge send because you can get the item quicker. If you did the charge hold, you would have to wait til they get it in and then pick it up. Which usually is a long time. That's what i did and I'm still waiting for my outlet to call me. Then I found out about the charge send and will be getting it the next day or the latest..3 days. So I hope you get what you wanted!
  4. Don't you hate that you know more about Coach than some of the SA's!
  5. Oh! I grabbed one on eBay the other day....I begged a seller to let me do a buy it now...lol. Maybe it's in my mailbox....I better go check!!!! EEEEE!!!!! :smile:
  6. haha...yup! I should replace those SA's!! It's annoying when you ask them for a specific item and you already gave them the color and description and the style no. and they still don't know what your talking about!:push:
  7. is the teal hard to get too? just wondering, i just got one & am wondering how popular it is...
  8. denverjenny, congrats! It would look great with eachother. Even though the colors don't completely match it still looks cute!
  9. Not sure....my outlets had the teal but no magenta.
  10. YAY!!! Thanks! It didn't come today I just checked....probably tomorrow, but at least I got one coming!!!!! :tup:
  11. sorry...wrong post
  12. good luck...i hope you find one!!
  13. I got mine today!!!:yahoo:
  14. I ordered one today at the full price store. So they are still available to order if your outlet doesn't have any.