Waaaaaaaaa!!! :(

  1. So i didnt really like anything at the sale, but i kind of fell in love with the baseball cap!! I thought it would be PERFECT for my first law school social event (lawlaw paloza at our baseball field!!)

    Ordered it through my fav sa that was having it shipped in...but then today she called and was like im so sorry there was a glitch!!

    WHAT DO I DO :crybaby:

    im so distraut! :sad: i know its sad but i loved tat hat and i was excited to wear it!! now i dont even want to go to the social :sad:
  2. I am so sorry....
  3. Aww I am sorry :sad: Maybe you can look on bluefly or something and get one
  4. I thought I saw the baseball cap online...
  5. I'm sorry....what a shame. I'm sure you'll find something else that's cute to wear to your social. :smile:
  6. You're distraught and dont wanna go out because of a baseball cap?

  7. hehehe kind of! i know i know im sad, and will probably end up going anyways BUT i was just so excited!! i had the perfect outfit!! with just a touch of pink like the hat and and and ahhhh!

    i need to find another hat~!

    THANKS TO THOSE GIRLS THAT UNDERSTOOD ME! :smile: i really really really appreciate it!
  8. there are other hats on the gucci website...
  9. thanks tabbi, but those just didnt "do" it for me :smile:

    its cool whatever haha just needed to vent and figured this is probably the only place that understands how it feels to REALLY REALLY want something and be dissapointed haha :smile:
  10. Would it make you feel any better if we beat up your SA? HEHEHE
  11. yes yes yes

    i mean no hehe :smile: she really is a sweetie and she was SO upset when she told me..it was cute but i think we should beat up the people in ny that screwed things up!
  12. Ok, just tell me to go alrighty!:nuts:

    We'll bring some gucci platforms with those really deadly heels to beat them up! HAHA!

    Ok, enough about being morbid. I just don't want to sleep yet and it's really really late...
  13. would u rather take my accounting exam for me:?? hehe wohoo u take the exam and ill do u a favor and sleep for u

    muhuhahah im loving this plan!
  14. That a deal? Ok i'll take your accounting exam, but you take my physician's licensure exam... hehehe is that a deal? :yahoo::nuts::yes: