waaa! Returned my baby beaton!

  1. So last Friday night I went shopping and got the baby beaton - black leather with the signature plaid on the bottom. Love this bag! Well, the next day I went and did some errands and realized........this little bag is HEAVY! I couldn't fit it over my shoulders with my heavy winter coat on so I had to carry it by hand or on the crook of my elbow - and it was heavy! I was so disappointed. I am used to hand-held bags because I carry a LV speedy everyday but that bag is as light as a feather. My DH returned it for me and the woman at the store told him this was a very common complaint about this bag.
    Anyone else agree?
  2. I have been using my leather baby beaton for 3 months now and don't find it heavy at all. I adore my bag. I find MJ & Chloe extremely heavy.