w.w.cc.d (what would coco drive?)

  1. hey girls... I'm in the market for a new car :yahoo:

    so my question to you is:

    a) what do you drive
    b) *just for fun* : if Coco Chanel was alive today, what would she drive?

    can't wait to hear your take on this oh-so-pressing issue.
  2. btw i envision my 2007 coco in a bmw roadster. black, of course.
  3. cute!

    a) Black 2006 bmw m5
    b) if she was alive, I think she would be chauffeured around in a bently, but if she was driving herself around france I think that she would go for something very must understated and elegant, like a horse and carriage HAHA..no kidding..like one of those old cars from the 30-40's in white with big wheels and chrome 'hardware'...I have seen some in the south like in the outskirts of Georgia, oh and definitely in Europe..esp in Scotland and remote parts of England. :smile:
  4. I drive a Yukon Denali XL

    If Coco were to drive herself today, I think she'd be in a black Mercedes Benz S600.
    I don't think she's be over extravagant and go for a Bentley or Rolls unless she was being chauferred.
  5. I drive a 2005 Lexus SC430- it is a hardtop convertible.

    I think I would put CoCo in a Mercedes. Maybe the SLK.
  6. To keep it short & sweet:

    a) White 2005 Toyota 4Runner :love:
    b) Black Mercedes CL600 Coupe :drool:
  7. I totally agree!

    a) Mercedes S430
  8. 1. '06 BMW X5
    2. Black Benz
  9. 2007 white slk 350 hardtop convertible or 2007 cherry red corvette w/ targa top..... oops that's what i want.

    she wouldn't drive herself. she'd have a chauffeur. i can't imagine CC in a sports car though.
  10. a.) a 1997 mustang, oh well!
    b.) probably chauffered in a bentley or driving herself in a black, (w/ VERY tinted windows) 4 door Benz. Classic & expensively simple, KWIM?
  11. Hi everyone - I am new to TPF and love the site!

    Being that I love cars and handbags - this is a great thread.

    To answer Lovey's questions:

    a) thanks to my ex husband - a Ferrari, but I do have a daily driver - a BMW.

    b.) would have to be a Rolls Royce Phantom, of course a driver would be expected.

    See attached...

    Now to handbags... I really love Chanel and LV...they are my favorites. Look forward to posting my latest additions to my collection in the future....
    Max&TambiCar2touchedup.jpg Rolls-Royce-Phantom- a.jpg
  12. I drive a Volvo XC 90. Loves it!!

    I think CC would drive an Alpha Romeo. Vintage.
  13. a. i drive a silver 325xi
    b. i think she would definitely be driven in a bentley or a rolls
  14. i drive a cranberry red 2006 Lexus 4 door sporty version - the SI250

    I can envision Coco in a Rolls Phantom and she would also have, for tooling around, a mini cooper
  15. I'm in the market for a car too! Maybe a mini cooper or 325xi coupe.

    I'd picture coco in a black rolls royce phantom. With a driver of course!