W/Pics: Desperately Seeking Opinions: Which Canvas. Help me off the fence please!

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  1. I'm back from a long self-inflicted ban, and would like to get a 45 as a gym bag. I am torn between these two canvases. I'd like to avoid the 4 hour ride to the store, so I'm turning here for opinions. I am a woman, BTW shopping the men's line. Graphite or Macassar and why? I am super excited to hear your thoughts. Here are the pics: graphite.PNG macassar.PNG
  2. I love the graphite. Of course it's just a matter of opinion/style, but I think it's so sleek and sophisticated. Either way though, you can't go wrong; both are great choices. :tup:
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  3. Omgosh I love them both :love: Sorry I can't choose between them either!!
  4. Macassar. I just love the classic mono w/ the style touch of dyed leather. It just looks so stylish!
  5. Macassar, cause I think it's sexy and maybe just a little bit better for a female. Just my opinion of course!
  6. What about Monogram Eclipse? Best of both worlds! However, if it had to be either Monogram Macassar or Damier Graphite, I would probably get the Damier Graphite if you have a lot of Mono pieces and I would get the Mono Macassar if you have a lot of Damier pieces![​IMG]

    Good luck deciding!
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  7. IMG_1469504294.137255.jpg

    Go for both! I actually wish I would have gotten the monogram that you posted. I might skip the eclipse and get that.
  8. Is that the Keepall with the contrast edge varnishing? What a gorgeous piece!
  9. How about the Keepall in DC? It has a pocket!
  10. IMG_1469505069.593440.jpg

    Yes it is. I saw it and had to have it.
  11. Macassar. Not a fan of DG here. Its too bland for my taste.
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  12. Macassar!
  13. I just can't see either of these beautiful bags jammed into those horrible gym lockers. But then again, maybe your gym lockers aren't horrible!
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  14. Macassar! It goes well with both brown and black shoes/belts, and all attire colors. The silver hardware against the black leather and brown canvas is a winner combination. Graphite is more restricted to black and dark colors, and sometimes it looks a bit dull.
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  15. I think the Macassar will age better, especially with a little tumbling around in the gym locker.