1. Wacken Open-Air!!!!
    :jammin: :jammin: :jammin: :jammin:


    Tomorrow I´m going to Germany. To one of the biggest Heavy Metal festivals in the world. I have been looking forward two this all year. I´ll be back sunday.
    Wacken is four days non-stop concerts with diffrent bands all playing heavy metal and as you can see on this pics. LOTS of people!!!!


    Bands that are playing:

    Bands.JPG Bands2.JPG

    They also have this huge heavy market to purchase merchandise, so I´m hoping to get some really cool skull bags. I´ll make a new threat when I get back.

  2. Wow that sounds like a lot of fun! Have a great time! Can't wait to see if you get anything!
  3. Have fun there!!!
  4. :nuts: whitesnake! i wanna go! not that i haven't seen them a million times or anything :shame:
  5. have a great time!!!:rochard:
  6. I'm sure you'll have a ton of fun!! Let us know how it goes!! Be careful!:flowers:
  7. OMG!!! have fun!!! i love heavy metals...
  8. Have a great time Ronja. I went to one in Australia (Eastern Creek) about 14 years ago although it was a little more commercial (Guns'n'Roses, etc).

    Ummm........just looking at the bands - is there one called "Born from Porn"? lol
  9. Thank all.. :smile:
    Cal: Born from pain.. ;)

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