W Magazine - March issue- COACH BAG??

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  1. I saw an awesome Coach bag, a must have for spring, in the March issue of W magazine... at the doctor's office. Does anyone know what the style number or name is? It was straw with multiple flowers and I can't find it online!

  2. Was it this one?
    It is not on coach.com anymore since Coach is sold out, but it is stilll available at Nordstrom.

  3. oops the one I just posted isn't straw! Sorry!
  4. Thanks you guys! No, it was similar to the straw, but had several flowers on the front, in a variety of colors... maybe appliques?

    I think the price was $698 or $798... kind of high, but it was so absolutely adorable!!
    It would be a must have with a PCE discount!! :sos:
  5. ^^ I've never seen that either! That's cute!!!!! I love the little leaf with the hangtag!
  6. Very cute and very Spring/Summer. I am so excited about bright beautiful colors. I am soooo ready for Spring.
  7. Wow that is cute - I haven't seen that one yet! Pricey for straw, but so adorable!
  8. Per Coach, if anyone wants the info:

    The item featured in W magazine is our Straw Floral Extra Large Tote, style No. 12208 for $698.00.
  9. I haven't seen that either, too cute!
  10. Thank you for the info! ;)

  11. DARN IT!!! :cursing: I was all set to say I must possess this bag but with that price tag, UGH! Sure, I have spent serious money on leather bags but there is something about doing it for straw that gives me pause.
  12. I've not seen that one! It's cute for summer!