W magazine article

  1. I just read a small article in W magazine where they raided Canal St in NY. Confiscated fake goods worth $230 million and arrest 29 people. Woo Hoo...way to go Faux Police...:tup::yahoo:

    W magazine for Sept...pg 264
  2. OMG! :nuts:

    I will try to find the article.

    I wonder if the women on the 'View' will comment.
  3. wow thanks for the update and for the page number, I will def. have to check that out!!
  4. I saw that. They also have a cool chat with the son of LV head honcho Bernard Arnault. Bernard Arnault's son, Antoine, is responisible for some of LV's most popular ad campaigns.
  5. Wonderful! I was just talking with a girl at work about how outrageously bold the sellers of faux bags are. Maybe this will give them some pause.
  6. Wow I think I may have to go grab a copy of that magazine. It's about time!
  7. YAY! I hate counterfeits so much!!