W Hotel Store - 25% Off All Bedding & Down

  1. Didn't see it - does anyone else see it?

  2. Abby...I just clicked on the link above that I posted and it was there....hmmmm

  3. I was able to access the link...

    I love the W hotel store...sometimes I visit the one on Park Ave. in NYC and they have all sorts of neat things there. Thanks for the heads up!
  4. They have a great store. Thanks for the link.
  5. Oh wow, I didn't know they had a store on park ave! I have to go check it out.

    Has anyone bought the featherbed or the sheet set? Does it really feel like the W Hotel beds? I'm only asking because I've heard that some other hotel brands that sell their bedding don't feel the same.
  6. Where on park ave is the store? I tried looking on the website but couldn't find it... TIA!! :smile: