W/E of footballer weddings

  1. Can't see a thread about this so thought I would start one!

    Pleasantly surprised at the dresses...not seen Alex Curran's or Toni Poole's yet though!

    Not sure about Coleen's dress, think it would be more suited to country house wedding than Manchester Cathedral.

  2. Wow it didn't take long for this to start did it?

    I like both of these dresses and I think the guys look lovely too - but then these were the 2 "more private and traditional" weddings.

    I can't think that Alex Curran would be wearing anything this understated but we'll see.

    Not sure about Coleen's dress either - it would be fine if it didn't do that funny thing at the bottom, and from what I can see about the shoes I think they are wrong, a nice strappy pair of sandals would look better.
  3. Agree about Coleens dress - not her best outfit!

    Most looking forward to seeing Alexs dress!
  4. The brides look very happy :smile:

    Agree about Coleens dress, the shoes look too casual, and it looks as if she has tied the dress real tight at the neck.
  5. I think Alex and Stephen sold their wedding to OK mag, so we will see it early next week ;)

    They got married at Clivedon tho, so the venue is amazing, hey not that we will take much notice, it will be all about the dress lol :biggrin:

    I liked all the pictures that have come through so far, they look elegant and classy, which is not a look normally associated with the Wags :biggrin:
  6. I love Coleen's dress actually - but the platform shoes look silly.
  7. More Pics
    weddings-coleen-2a.jpg weddings-neville-1a.jpg
  8. I wish I could have got into Manchester on Saturday to watch all the footballers arrive at the Catherdral :graucho:

    I quite liked Coleens dress, but I'm scared to think of what Alex Currans dress was like. I liked that other girlfriends dress, is her name Carly something? It was kinda pinkish with Chanel shoes from what I remember.
  9. Cliveden House is lovely - looking forward to seeing the pictures!
  10. I like Colleen's dress, and I think Wayne doesnt look too bad himself.. Im not usually a fan of them, I prefer Cristiano.. but today im pleasantly surprised. :biggrin:
  11. dont like lisas wedding dress tbh, goes down too far!
    i think alex's dress will be gorgeous its dior couture so heres for hoping hey!
    andddd am i the ONLY ONE who cant see all the pics, it cuts off half way through gary nevilles picture!
  12. ooohh lala The brides look great ! Thanks for posting.
  13. Here's another photo of Coleen's dress - it looks a bit nicer in this photo.

    Also, my favourite photo so far of Gary Neville and his wife.

    I can't believe I'm interested in this i HATE football (and am not normally interested in anything to do with WAGs).
    rooneyMOS_468x746.jpg nevilleMOS_468x671.jpg
  14. Emma Hadfield and Gary Neville look great. Love her dress and her hair. She looks really gorgeous.