W bags already available?

  1. I can imagine the smell .. divine!
    Ya Prada refurbished the leather but it was harder and I paid a minimal amount. It's the soft deer leather so there had to be some scuffng from my gait.
  2. Haven't seen them in my boutique.
  3. Congrats!! Love it.
  4. Shalomjude, congratulations!!!! I love it!!
    So another proud owner of this gorgeous W tote! Enjoy it!
  5. I love the black handle as well.
  6. Thank you .. I am usually not a fan of mono and my SA said this was a mono bag I would like ... the pistache and gris were really nice too.
  7. Big Congrats for you shalomjude:yahoo::yahoo:
    Enjoy... Please post of the modeling pic :graucho::graucho:
  8. HUGE THANKS TO YOUR stunning photos ... it is just delightful..I love the suede interior and leather sides.
  9. Does anyone of you have the Pistache one?
  10. I tried on the pistache W tote ... it is fun bag .. POP of colour:smile:
  11. Congrats on your new W bag! It's beautiful! Is the bag heavy? What are the dimensions? Forgive me, if I missed these questions elsewhere in the thread. Enjoy your lovely bag! Thank you!
  12. I love the mix of black and brown! I am a total black person when it comes to clothes, so this would tie in nicely to my daily work wardrobe. hmmmm, tempting!

    Does anyone have the dimensions?
  13. u all looks soo great!!
  14. Congrats Susiana,Cali_moon and Shalomjude on owning this gorgeous bag! While I can see the comparisons being made to the Celine trapeze, I have to say the W tote is more elegant in my eyes.

    Ugh so tempting to break away from my prison on Ban Island to get this, but the price point is really holding me back. Why did it have to be over $5k? :cry:
  15. Here is my "W"...Lvoe HER!! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1375303155.606155.jpg