W bags already available?

  1. This W line should be released in july. Anyone seen those at any LV store yet?
  2. Yes .. a couple of lovely TPF have it .. it is VERY nice:smile:
  3. pictures???
  4. I saw it this morning when I picked up my new Metis which I'm very excited about.
    It's not for me but a stunning and stylish bag. No pics I'm afraid
  5. Here's mine ...
  6. Some more ...
  7. Another one..
  8. You looks gorgeous with your lovely W tote bag...I love love that bag. Congrats Susiana.
  9. I love your bag, very chic, elegant and unique.
  10. are these on the site yet?
    I would love to see somewhere the variations of it.
  11. My Noisette W tote PM

  12. [​IMG]
  13. [​IMG]