W at the end of the serial number?

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  1. One more question from me this morning and then I'll go back to lurk mode. :cool:

    I did a search but couldn't find what a W at the end of the serial number on the creed patch signifies. Anybody know? Similar to the P at the end of the number when it's a pilot bag... but can't seem to find any info on the W.

  2. I've heard that W is for 'wholesale' and indicates a bag was meant for a department store.
  3. I've seen bags at Marshals that have a Z in place of the F. Dunno about a W though.
  4. I've also heard that the W is typically placed on some department store exclusives. I've seen the Z on most Coach bags at TJ Maxx & Marshall's.
  5. I just received my raisin Ashley patent bag from FOS. The serial number has an E at the end. Has anyone seen that before?
  6. I've seen E's on some factory bags recently. I don't know what it means.