W A N T E D: Violet Envelope Clutch: Have you seen one?

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  1. Hi! and help me, please. If you see one, please send me a Private Message or let me know here.

    I'm dying for a Violet/Grape Envelope Clutch, the big one that looks like this:

  2. hey corey - do you want it with the SGH? i'll check my Barneys manana for you - they always have stuff stashed in the back!
  3. Thank you, Nicole! That's super sweet of you. I'm pretty open to either hardware as Violet looks great with silver and with gold.

    I would say my #1 choice would be Silver and then Gold is a close second. I hope they have one with really yummy leather that I won't want to take my hands off ;o)
  4. AHH- love this-- last time I saw it was on eBay and BIN'd for around 600 :wtf:

  5. ^ I know Alaska, I wish it would have been me. It would be awesome to get one discounted like that!
  6. Try Neimans in TX-I got one there about a month ago...they said they had another--maybe you'll get lucky!!
  7. FOUND IT - call Jozelle (sp?) at Barneys BH 310-276-4400, they are holding one under your name. she said they have a few left in the SGH!!!! go for it :yahoo:
  8. :heart: Nicole you are such a sweetheart, I just called and she's out to lunch...so I'll call back in an hour ;o)
  9. yay!!! well at least she put it on hold for you, so one is safely tucked away. cross your fingers it's the right one! :jammin:
  10. AUGHHH!! darnit...i wish i wish. That is an awesome deal and it is so pretty. I've been oggling over it forever.
  11. Yippy!! I got one ;o)
  12. aHHH where on earth did you find one? I've been looking too! congrats!
  13. ^ It was under the Xmas tree, my sweet hubby found one for me. Good luck in your quest.
  14. Wow what a sweetheart!

    I satisfied my urge by caving in to a violet SGH Day, so I think I might get an envelope clutch in electric blue or magenta now.
  15. What is the retail price of this one in the US?