VZW Droid Anyone?

  1. Is anyone else anxiously awaiting the release of the new Droid on Verizon next week? I had stayed away from anything Motorola for a long time now so I won't be one of the first to get this but will be reading the reviews and depending on how things look might drop my BB Curve for this. I hear good good things about the Android 2.0 OS.
  2. I'm VERY tempted. right now i have the bb storm and i'm sort of thinking of either going HTC droid or Motorola droid. HTC is suppose to come out with one about the same time as motorola and it's suppose to be a lot cheaper, but the droid is suppose to be better.
    I sort of think the droid is REALLY ugly though.

    i'll probably sit and while for awhile until i absolutely can not stand my storm any longer, just so i can see what the reviews are.
  3. I have a HTC Magic (same as t-mobile mytouch3g) and I love it! The android operating system is great; you can do so much with it. Droid should be interesting since it has android 2.0. There are so many great features! If you're inclined, there are a bunch of forums dedicating to customizing the rom and such. So much fun.

    Rogers in Canada is only running 1.5 still. :sad:
  4. hmmm...i don't know...I love my bb curve big time and have always hated anything motorola so I don't know. I suppose I'll see what the reviews are and how many bugs need to be worked out of it before I make the plunge.
  5. I was so excited for the Droid until Verizon confirmed that it won't be a global phone. I travel alot, so it's a deal killer for me. :sad: Hopefully the next version will be global...

    One more thing - if you go to gizmodo or boygeniusreport, Droid's keyboard got lukewarm reviews. I'm a huge keyboard person, so that didn't help the Droid with me either. I ended up getting HTC Touch Pro2 yesterday (it was finally in stock and has been shipped)!!!
  6. ^^please come back and share what you think of the HTC tp2!!! that's one phone i'm really thinking about.

    i've decided the droid is just too down right ugly for me. There are rumors that verizon will get HTC Passion which looks AMAZING, but it doesn't have a physical keyboard and i think i really want a physical keyboard again.
  7. Global phone doesn't matter to me but it is sad overall that it is not. But then VZW has never had a great selection of those. The keyboard- well I'll have to touch one first but it seems good enough. I like that there is one. I just cannot fathom the thought of touchscreen only. Too many of HTC's phones on VZW have gotten really lukewarm reviews for me to want one but then again I said I'd probably never get another Motorola phone again when they started going downhill. Lert us know how you like the Touch Pro2.
  8. I have to have a physical keyboard I decided. I rather like the look of the droid (although I do wish they offered it in pink LOL). And the geek factor of the phone is just SOOOOOO tempting to me.
  9. yea i always thought i wanted a virtual keyboard ala iphone, but i've had my storm since it came out last year and the keyboard is KILLING me. which is why i'm thinking about jumping to the HTC TP2 instead of waiting for the rumored HTC passion.
  10. My HTC TP2 should arrive tomorrow per FedEx tracking. I'll let you know what I think about it (hopefully I'll love it). I read on a couple of blogs that BB Tour2 (with wifi) may drop later this month. If so, that would be a good option as well.
  11. I'd love to stay with a blackberry but i really hate the trackballs and the only option with no trackball is the storm and i think i'm done with the storms.
  12. I think the BB Tour2 will have an optical trackpad and not a trackball.
  13. A touch screen is an absolute must for me. i love just being able to touch the screen on whatever i want to click/select.
  14. I actually like how the Droid looks :smile: I'm sure the keyboard isn't as terrible as some reviews have been making it out to be... I'm a fast typer anyway so I can make due. I'm planning on ordering it online on Friday! So excited :biggrin:
  15. My work received these today and I'm not crazy about how the phone looks or feels. It seemed kind of chunky and heavy. However the HTC Droid Eris that is also being released looks pretty awesome.