Vynl Coco Cabas-To buy or not to buy? The Love/Hate Debate.

  1. Ok....i've read peoples posts, and I hear both sides of the love/hate debate for the Vinyl Cabas. Is this one of those bags you either love or hate? Can you learn to love it? or do you instantly stick to the feeling you've always had?

    Do you think you'll get tired of it? OR those of you who own it are you tired of it? Or love it more?

    Have any of you changed your opinion.

    My SA called and said we have some in, do you want it? Tempting, its cute, and its affordable, but should I put that price towards something else? Has its seen its "day" already?

    Because its so easily faked, and harder to spot that its a fake when carried-does that take away from the design of the bag?

    I dont' want to have bag regret. Like I kinda regret buying my LV Cherry Blossom, granted I loved it when I got it, but if I coudl get what I paid for it now, I'd take it! Whereas not the case with other bags.

  2. It's such a personal thing, so many people absolutely love it, but it's not for me -- if I had the chance I think I would save it towards the next thing I couldn't live without. It's still a lot of $$$, especially if you're on the fence about it. (And when there are some gorgeous new things around the corner :drool: ) But, it's still Chanel so hard to go wrong . . . post what you decide. :smile:
  3. my vinyl is still otw, i'll tell u how it goes when it's here.
  4. I love it. If you need a casual bag, I think it's fabulous. You have other bags for dressier occasions, I assume?
  5. . You have other bags for dressier occasions, I assume?[/quote]

    Oh definately. I have the black timeless clutch, which I just love and wish I could use more often.

    What time of occassions do people use this bag for? Is this more of a knocking around town, running to the beach for drinks?

    I assume its easy to keep clean. So if I dont' want to bring my leather Chanel or LV out, this may be a good casual bag? So I can still sport Chanel?
  6. i think it can be used for all occasions!
    i'm planning to take mine to work, but i worked in creatiev field so it fits well :p

    i've seen the fakes but honestly never managed to see the authentic one, i'll have to wait for mine to be here. but the fakes vinyl seem very stiff, from the authentic one pics i see, it's pretty flexible.
    i think people can spotted if it's a fake or not if they already see the real one.
  7. Sorry, I would pass on the vinyl and save for a better bag.
  8. i like it but i want to build a classic collection before i buy more trendy bags
  9. I agree.^^

    I just could not bring myself to spend that much on a bag that is made of vinyl.

    I don't know if you would be able to find one, but did you consider the same size cabas but in leather?
  10. ^agree with sammiekat and maxter. i'd get other bags first before i got the vinyl cabas, but if you had $$ to burn, then why not?
  11. I agree, and I hate to say it, but I personally don't see this bag's trendiness lasting for much longer. Not that I don't love the bag... in fact, I think it's one of the most interesting I've seen. I just think it's time is about up so I would save for a better bag. Just my humble opinion! Do what you want. I do think it's a fabulous bag. :smile:
  12. Do you remember that NYT, Bill Cunningham picture, of all the fashion editors wearing the bag?

    There were a few ladies in suits and heels and they looked silly (IMO) but the others, who were not as dressy, perhaps in jeans or trousers or short skirts... looked fabulous.
  13. IMHO, I don't think the Vinyl Cabas is worth spending a thousand dollars on. It may be a better investment to save a couple hundred more and then buying something a little more classic. I think the bag has had its day in its sun.
  14. I bought this bag but ended up selling it! Used the money for something else!
  15. I agree...not a fan of the vinyl at all... :shrugs: