VydaVeda’s RM MABpalooza & other goodies!

  1. Thanks so much blackcat ..... I L:heart:VE good karma :flowers:
  2. So glad you found a Pearl MAB, and a really special one at that! Love the zipper track and the lining.
  3. You are the lucky girl who snagged the Pearl Pink MAM from *Bay! I love the constrasting zipper track (is it purple?) and the zipper pull looks kinda similar to the '08 (?) Resort collection zipper pull.

    Great MAB collection too!
  4. VydaVeda!!! Oh my, my, myyyyyy! That Pearl is BEAUTIFUL! I'm so in love! Beautiful!!
  5. Thanks so much Fashion1 :flowers:

    tastangan ..... Yes it was I :biggrin: the zipper track is a light purple and yes the zipper pull does resemble the Resort collection.

    Thank you so much....I :love: my MAB's !!!!

  6. Thank you doi ......Pearl definitely is GORGEOUS :hbeat:
  7. What an absolutely stunning collection of MABs and pouches you have! :nuts:
    And i'm speechless at your new Pearl addition. It really is one of the most beautiful bags I've ever seen. Congrats!
  8. I totally agree with Tara! I loved your shots of the pouches lined up like a rainbow! Absolutely beautiful! :loveeyes:
  9. Thank you so much Tara !
    Can not wait to add the Tattoo Fund pouch to my collection :happydance:

    :ty: Minkette85!
  10. So!!!! You're the lucky lady who snagged that pearl!!! Sneaky, sneaky, eh :giggles:

    I'm so happy you won all these beauties! So happy that I feel as if I won them myself!

    All so amazing! Harewood mattie, DG MAB, Bomar MAB & Pearl MAB.... I love them all!

  11. Thank you Travelers !!!

    I am very happy with my new additions :happydance::yahoo::love:
  12. Just came back to admire Miss Pearly...:love: Hope you are enjoying that beauty!
  13. Came to enjoy your sideral grey MAB again :smile:
    Everything in your collection makes me feel dizzy... you have a perfect collection of MABs!

  14. Thanks so much blackcat :hugs: