VydaVeda’s RM MABpalooza & other goodies!

  1. wow, that's one amazing & gorgeous collection!! i love all of your pouches and the kindle case. i might have to hunt down one for my kindle, so pretty.
  2. Thanks so much allurella! The kindle case was actually a gift from a very dear friend :presents I love it! It is a perfect pop of color inside of my bags and of coarse a great case for my kindle!
  3. ooh that's so nice! i love the color...
  4. AWESOME EVERY TIME I see this!!!
  5. :ty:so much Disco !!!
  6. hey Vyda, i only speak the truth - your collection is TDF!!! DO TELL WHAT OTHERS YOU SPEAK OF!!! :graucho:
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    Thanks so much ceedoan !

    My ultimate HG would be the lovely Pearl Pink MAB , but sadly it is basically non-existent so who knows if I will EVER be lucky enough to own one :girlsigh:

    And just a few others that I really like and if they were to ever pop up would be:

    Teal mab
    Marine mab
    Bomar's Deep Red mab...like Robinn's ...that is a beauty !! Definitely would love to add a touch of red to the collection !
  8. So I have a few additions to add.......

    First one I have to say thanks to a very dear friend :hugs: She found a dove grey mab for me.....or we thought it was dove grey until it actually arrived................

    Sideral MAB



  9. [​IMG]


  10. [​IMG]

    Here is a comparison shot of Sideral MAB and Dove Grey Neon Green Piping MAB

  11. New Cory Pouches



    Lolita Sunglass Pouch in Beige Pink

  12. What a lovely shade of gray! The leather looks smooth and silky!
    I just don't know how to pronounce "sideral" though :giggles:
  13. Thank you Travelers ! I am sure I do not pronounce it correctly myself :shrugs:
  14. Prettttttttttttttttttttttttttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
  15. oh that minkettes pouch looks just like nerd alert pouch color wise