VVN Watercolor speedy USA price?

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  1. Has anyone confirmed the VVN watercolor speedy 35 price for the mainland usa yet?
  2. I hope it's under $1300 !!!
  3. I read this somewhere on the forum:

    the WC VVN 35 will be $1200.
    the WC VVN Papilion 30 is also $1200.
    and the WC VVN 30 will be $1150.
  4. I hope the price wont go up any more.
  5. ^ same here! :sweatdrop:
  6. Will the watercolor speedy be available at eluxury.com or vuitton.com?? I don't have an LV boutique nearby...

  7. I doubt it.....but call and get on a WL...they will do a charge to send and mail the bag to you!

    I read somewhere on TPF that the usa mainland price was $1220 plus tax - so expect around $1300 w/ tax ( give or take a little) depending on your tax!
  8. For now, I think the only place where you can purchase them will be at a LV boutique/Neimans/Saks location. Call now and get on their waitlist.
    Although I'm guessing that after the initial rush, you can probably still call and get them to find and send one to you.
    Of course that can change, you know LV, unpredictable.
    IMO, I have a weird feeling that they might become a permanent item. I hope not.

    heymom - Argh, oh well... did you hear if they will still be LE?
  9. $1220 sounds about right. luckily its not more than that :smile:

    i don't think it'll become permanent because MC exists already and it would be too similar and it would probably detract from its sales too because of the lower price point.
  10. I'm hoping it won't become permanent! It's going to be my first big piece of LE... and I think it will be LE since it was designed by MJ and Richard Prince.
  11. i was told $2000 last week. i was really surprised.
    i hope you guys are right. because i think 2k is a bit much for a speedy
  12. ^^ I hope it's not 2k!!
  13. the SA I spoke to could not officially confirm the price but said it should be around $1300
  14. is it not in the system on the mainland? i'm kind of surprised since hawaii seems to be last to get information on upcoming collections.
  15. They keep saying 1300 range