vulgar? or not?

  1. Hi, y'all! I am new here and sooo excited to find that I am not alone in my obsession! Anyway, I live in the South where true "ladies" are never ostentatious. My BF recently told me she thinks that leaving the hangtag (for example the little leather Coach hangtag) on a bag is tres tacky and she always removes them from her bags. I had never thought about before. To be honest, I leave them on, with pride, and have no intention of removing any of them since I paid good money to sport my couture would be like removing the padlock from my brand new Paddy!! Heaven forfend! So, what do y'all think?
  2. I have a coach bag, and I would never remove the tag. Plus they make the bags look pretty
  3. I would never remove the tag either. I've never heard of anyone say that they think a tag that's part of the bag is tacky. I think you're fine and you should wear yours proudly!
  4. I wouldn't remove a Coach hangtag. Often, it's part of the overall design of the bag.
  5. I'll move this to the Coach Forum.
  6. I consider the tag as part of the bag. I love the tag! It adds something extra to it, although now that I think about it, it would look kind of cool on a wallet or a keychain! But I would never throw it out:wtf:
  7. vulgar? Does this person wear turtlenecks and skirts down to her ankles 356 days a year?

    .. that's such an odd thing to say, they come on the bag.. why not keep them on. I know people who have used them as keychains or whatever, but never thought it was a BAD thing to keep themon the bag.
  8. There was a poll on this a while back...and the overwhelming response was leave the tags on. Your BF is wrong! Its not a price tag, its part of the BAG!
  9.'s part of the bag...
  10. It's part of the bag. On it stays.
  11. I don't mess with perfection.
  12. Amen to that!
  13. I will never take mine off. I didn't even know anyone did that until I read the thread/poll a while back. Like you said, it's like taking the padlock of the paddy. It stays.
  14. my sis once tried removing the hangtag but it felt that something's missing. so she went to put it back on.

    i on the otherhand always keep them on.