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    My Colorful Exotic Collection!
  2. image-3664293074.jpg

    Sexy Red Soulmate
  3. Omg!!!!!
    Those electric blue heels are gorgeous!!!
  4. lovely collection! :love:

    do you mind sharing what styles are the turquoise, electric blue, hot red and silver?
    may I also know which boutiques you purchased them from? TIA!
  5. The jade, royal blue, and Mandarin Red are Altadama 140. The silver one is Lady Peep 150. They are from last year's collection.
  6. Thank you!
  7. altadamas :love::hbeat::loveeyes: .... Royal Blue is just so beautiful :heart:
  8. Beautiful collection! Thanks for sharing!
  9. OMG and are those crystal python madame butterfly pumps?!?!? :faint::drool:
  10. Omg those red Altadamas!! =O

    Lady, there better be mod pics!! =D
  11. Wow. Your collection is amazing!
  12. So beautiful, all of them! Enjoy them in health!
  13. Wow!!!!
  14. beautiful collection! i love ALL of them
  15. All exotics! Wow love them all :woohoo: