Vuitton x Royal Wedding

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  1. Hey guys! Any info on this?
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  2. UPDATE: LV x Royal Wedding is coming up, with only 20 pieces of each of 4 styles available, does anyone have any other info? It is going to be New Bond Street only.
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  3. What are the 4 styles? This is really nice. :smile:
  4. I know about three only, that is speedy, keepall and petite malle
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  5. There is a Speedy - it has blue monogram background with the flag on it
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  6. How can I get my hands on those?!
  7. Go to Bond Street I guess?
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  8. LVOE the speedy.
  9. omg the keepall :heart: :heart:
  10. And NÉONOÉ
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  11. Speedy is GBP 1340 on a blue monogram.

    Safe to assume the rest of the collection is blue monogram. Too bad there's no SLGs.
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  12. Okay, now I want the neonoe. How can we get these here in the States???
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  13. If it’s limited to the British market, you will have to fly to London, hire a local personal shopper, or buy your bag on the second-hand market. Like the Japan exclusives, this is a way for Louis Vuitton to create buzz and make shoppers feel like they get something “special.”
  14. Personal shopper would probably be your best bet.
  15. Thanks, Fab. I know a couple personal shoppers and will reach out to them. :smile:
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