Vuitton will be in Finland shortly!

  1. I'm just so happy they are finally oppening a Louis Vuitton store in Finland!!! I have been waiting this for 3 years! Now I can shop at Vuitton easily and I don't have to travel abroad! I just wanted to tell you guys happy I'm because in the finnish forums everybody is being so cynical and "so whatever!!!!!" but I thought you would understand me! :yahoo::woohoo::nuts::drool::jammin:
  2. When is it opening? :smile:
  3. wowow... where?:tup:
  4. So LV conquers another country. COngratulations!
  5. They are opening in Helsinki. It's going to be in late spring April-May......... :biggrin: Aparenttly they got confidence to open a store in Helsinki because of an increased amount of turisim and people are finally starting to buy designer stuff. I'm just so happy!!
  6. Congratulations! I know many Finnish people, mostly women. The ones I know are not into Louis Vuitton, but they like fashion, though :yes:.