Vuitton US prices and tax return!

  1. One of my friend and aunts are visiting America, i was woundering what the tourist tax return is over there? One of them is specifically going to hawaii is it more expencive or cheaper there? thanks for ur help p.s. i rang LV france today to put in my odere from my family and they told me i a month is too early :sad: and reseving items is to be done 2-3 days earlier :sad: what if they run out of prefros? or carryalls? how can i be SURE i will get my items! but it works out that i save around $700 Au from doing this so i am over the moon:graucho:
  2. I may be wrong, but I don't think the US has a tourist tax return (as they do in Europe, etc). I have found that US prices will generally be cheaper than AU prices - even with the currency exchange and tax.
  3. yes it is a little cheaper which is great but not nearly europes! lol my distant family lives in greece if i asked them to buy me something and it was sent overseas in the mail does that mean i am entittled to the VAT discount?
  4. US prices are Cheaper than AU but Hawaii is cheaper than US!
  5. wow i guess i can get my frend to buy lv in hawii then lol do u know how much cheaper?
  6. For small leather goods its generally around $30 (without tax) cheaper than the continental US. For bags you save a bit more, somewhere around $60. It really depends on what you want to buy. I based this on a couple of my purchases and compared it to the prices on elux.
  7. If it is sent via mail to Aus you may have to pay additional duty on it (if over a certain value):oh: