Vuitton to start online ordering for the UK.

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  1. Was speaking to one of the ladies at Vuitton in Dubin yesterday, and she said that LV will shortly be starting online ordering for the UK.

    You've always been able to phone order via the London customer services, but online ordering will be much easier!

  2. Lucky ! Canada has still yet to receive this innovation.. outside of buying off of eBay that is.
  3. oh that would be brilliant - keep us updated to when that servce is availiable ;0 )
  4. I was on the vuitton site today, and I believe under the UK section you can now purchase. :smile:
  5. Oh wow, I never realized you guys couldn't order online, I'm happy for you, I know I love ordering online. Especailly for gifts that need to be sent to someone else.
  6. Nice~ :biggrin:
  7. Hmmm can you guys buy through ******.com over there? I'm not sure if it includes the UK but if you can it would save you3%. I hope elux will be available to the rest of Europe soon. V
  8. HI .. yes go to and you can start buying .. am not sure if you have to pay for shipping ?? Anyone know how much it costs???

    Also aren't the prices more expensive on the UK site compared to the US??
  9. I hope it comes soon to Germany!
  10. Shipping costs £10 when I tried ordering an epi pouchette.....i think it depends on what you order...
  11. ok thanks muppy :biggrin: