Vuitton to build shoe factory in India

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  1. Vuitton set to build shoe plant in India

    By Adam Jones in Paris and Amy Yee in New Delhi
    Published: September 18 2007 20:14 | Last updated: September 18 2007 20:14

    Louis Vuitton, the French luxury goods label, is looking to construct its first factory outside Europe and the US near the Indian city of Pondicherry.
    A person familiar with the company’s plans said the factory would attach soles to the uppers of Louis Vuitton shoes, which sell for hundreds of pounds a pair.

    source (financial times)

    any thoughts on this?
  2. arrgggh... I'm being more and more put off by LV right now :sad:

    It depends on the workers and stuff.. if it's minmum wage or anything then its gonna be a big no-no.
  3. thank you for the article very interesting
  4. another article said pretty much the same thing but production will start in 2008
  5. Hmmmmm....weren't we discussing India about a year ago? That there were rumors back then?

    Honestly, outsourcing is happening with all the big companies....I'm not shocked.

    I do, however, hope that they are open about their wages/working conditions....although when companies outsource it's usually to save money, not to spend the same or more!

    So now I guess when you buy shoes they can still say Made in France even though it's only a half-truth!
  6. Yep the shoes will still bear the made in Italy marking
  7. Personally that will mean no LV shoes for me. If labour costs are cut, unless the selling price is lowered I refuse to pay the same price for a pair of shoes made in India that were made in France/Italy/etc. before
  8. I will not buy a Louis Vuitton made in india.
  9. I would have to pass on Louis if they continue making their items in other countries like India and China. Im from Asia and its a given fact that qualities of their products, especially bags and shoes, are kinda iffy.
  10. ewww...nasty, I dont buy LV shoes and wont be doing so In the future.

    No offence to India but these people need Human Rights like shorter working hours and most importantly to be paid what they should be from such a high profile company like LV. If LV can prove they are doing this then Im all for it...but that would contradict why they are moving there in the first place when they allready have factories.
  11. Personally I believe IMHO that a person in India can produce the same quality of goods as a person in France or Italy can. What matters most is the training of the person, and obviously good working conditions and the right equipment. I am sure that LV will invest in these things for their India Factory, should they open one. It is a huge generalisation to say that a 'Made in India' is of lower quality than a 'Made in France'. Besides we all know that LV won't let its standards slip. It's quality is its most appealing factor for me. BUT, anyway, thats just me...
  12. curiously enough they do alot of hand crafting.

    but i dont think id buy louis shoes anymore. though at the same time im glad they are helping with jobs in a country with need. id rather if they just had people do the telephoning or accounting or something there, other than shoes.
  13. What's next? Speedys??

    so much for "Made in France".... {{{ sigh }}}:sad:
  14. Hmm, interesting.

    Quality really depends on the material and craftsmenship. If Louis Vuitton is still able to uphold its standards, I don't find anything wrong with the product. And according to the article they are just making the soles of the shoes, but we'll have to see what happens.
  15. I totally agree with you. But If LV cant put that the shoes are made in India on them, then they obviously have a problem with India and are hiding the fact that they are made there. But why couldnt they open a factory in the UK or another part of europe were Labour laws do stand and they could use the "made in ....." on the shoes, maybe because they do not have to pay alot of wages and working hours will be long for these people. If these people were trained fully and had working conditions in compliance with Human rights then Im sure LV would have no problem with "made in India" because when they are questioned by the press then they could say that they were doing this for the right reasons.