Vuitton teddy

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  1. Hello can somebody tell me about this I just saw some pictures and it was a discontinued item very rare there was some broch pins aswell does someone of you guys or gals has it ??
  2. You mean the teddy on this pic? I want info on it too:yes:

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  3. exactly those aren't they cute?
  4. PMed you back, Antonio!
    Do get them if you can, they're adorable!
  5. very cute! but scratch easily
  6. that teddy is so adorable.. omg.. now i want one..
  7. Thank you very much...
    I :heart: them but I am afraid it will look a bit silly on a guy even if they are in the male collection :confused1:

    are they very small?
  8. In case anyone is wondering... the actual bigger teddy bear is named "Doudou".
  9. I saw some of those on Ebay and they where up 2k$ buy it now :wtf: that is expensive where they that expensive on the beginning ?
  10. I think they were like $1,400 when they came out? I dunno. Don't quote me on the price.
  11. 1 teddy pin costs in France 85 Euro if I'm not wrong. But I can't see it on
  12. I think they have teddy keychains too that are adorable as well!
  13. omg...i want the actual teddy. was that limited edition?? when did it come out??